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A Talk with Paxyshia Yang: Fashion Trends and Shopping For Your Figure

A Talk with Paxyshia Yang: Fashion Trends and Shopping For Your Figure

  • Written by Kiara Mills

Fashion blogging is an art and something that takes talent and ingenuity, but most of all, style. Paxyshia Yang is the clever brains behind a budding YouTube channel and Instagram. Yang has been perfecting and sharing her personal style with the world since she was in high school. The Minnesota native tells us who inspires her and how her style has evolved over time.

YHM: Who are your style muses and inspirations?

Paxyshia Yang: I always said Rihanna was one of my style icons. The things she wears are overwhelmingly cool. Also, Shay Mitchell and Karreuche Tran; what they wear are new and trendy and what’s happening right now.

YHM: Can you condense your style in three words?

PY: Affordable because of how I grew up and where I’m at right now; comfortable and current. Those are three really important words to [my style.]

YHM: Do you face any struggles shopping for your fashion taste?

PY: Yes; I think because I am a plus-size blogger. It’s hard to find clothes for myself that aren’t expensive. In the fashion industry, models are thin and they’re what the world has come up with, so it’s hard to transfer their style. However, the fashion industry is finally opening up [to a variety of] models. I think overall it’s hard in general to find something for a plus-size figure as well as someone who’s petite. I find myself often thinking about hemming, price, and style.

YHM: What is a closet must-have for you?

PY: My leather jacket on top of any outfit. It adds a statement to your outfit; it’s fashionable and ready to go. I wear mine from Forever 21 Plus day to day.

YHM: What is your go-to outfit if you really can’t find anything to wear?

PY: Cuffed skinny jeans, an oversize shirt that I can tie into a knot, my leather jacket, and a pair of white sneakers.

YHM: Has your style evolved in the last year?

PY: I would say that it has. I think last year I stayed safe and friendly more to what flatters my figure. This year, I dipped my toes in different textures. In the last year, I went from white to navy to black for awhile. I was feeling uninspired. I think I’m finally starting to play with textures and colors and not being afraid to showoff a little skin.

YHM: What’s your favorite fashion trend at the moment?

PY: My favorite fashion trend is a silk slip dress. It can be turned into a night outfit which is sultry and it could also be turned into a fun and casual outfit for the day.

YHM: Any last comments you’d like to share?

PY: To everyone I’d like to say, stay positive and always remember you are who you are!

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