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Jeanne Lanvin: New Age in Fashion

Jeanne Lanvin: New Age in Fashion

  • Written by Jannel Therese Verona
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Soho, New York-based fashion designer Jeanne (Salvador) Lanvin makes one of the fashion capitals of the world proud by beautifully combining modern-chic styles with rare vintage wear.

Whether it is domestically or internationally, the two-year-old Candid NY women’s clothing line has reached the attention of many.

Lanvin’s line radiates free spirit and effortless originality. Lanvin proudly walked into the YHM limelight to speak about her work, her inspirations, and her future plans for her company.

Young Hot & Modern: How did Candid NY come about? Tell us more about its history.

Jeanne Lanvin: Candid NY originally began as l’amour Couture in April 2012. It was known for its effortlessly chic vintage wear and most especially for its endless supply of high-waist shorts. Shipments started domestic and grew to all the way in Norway! To better thank our amazing customers, I decided to step up the game and give back a better shopping experience to everyone who supported me. I made over L’amour Couture and created a new start. Still known for our shorts, but [ I ] decided to add more variety of clothes to attract more vintage lovers.

YHM: How would you describe Candid NY’s style?

JL: Candid NY’s style is all about offering customers an amazing selection of rare vintage pieces mixed with a modern twist. Its trends are inspired by life wear of people of the Big Apple. Our clothes radiate a sense of effortless originality and free spirit.

YHM: In this month’s Timeless Fashion, you mentioned that your mother is one of your inspirations, how did she affect your love for fashion?

Her hard work inspired me to be better than my best and her creativity pushed me to run after my dreams as well.

JL: My mother, who was once a medical school student, left to pursue her heart’s goal of becoming a fashion designer–not to be just one of many but to be the best one out of the many designers out there. This inspired me as I grew up around her work, patterns, textile and color palettes. She would bring me to her runway shows as I traveled along with her.

YHM: In your latest feature with YHM, you told us that you dream of creating something as crazy as turning pineapple fibers into wedding dresses. Will the world see something as eco-friendly with the Candid NY clothing line?

I am looking to create my own textile by next year using organic plants just as my mother did.

JL: Without a doubt my team believes in quality, which is why our vintage pieces are all brand-name. I want to incorporate the idea of modernism and new age for the piers to be more wearable.

YHM: What are your future plans and goals for you and the company?

JL: In two years I want to have already expanded to California. I’m looking at being able to supply Urban Outfitters some clothes and allow them to carry out candid NY clothing. I also plan to give back. I know how it feels for one’s dream to become a reality, so I would love for many of those creative ladies out there who want to start out to send me their very own creations and give them a chance to start out and make a name for themselves. Lastly, I would love a storefront in New York in two to three years.

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