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Tanesha Awasthi: A Girl With Curves, Positive Vibes, and Style

Tanesha Awasthi: A Girl With Curves, Positive Vibes, and Style

Tanesha Awasthi; if that name doesn’t ring a bell, then you’re clearly missing out on major style trends and some serious body-positive-attitude! Awasthi is a dominant force in the influencer realm with Old Navy,, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue in her top ranking of press time. She has gained quite the popularity since her blog, formerly known as Girl With Curves, was conceptualized in 2011, but the full-time mommy, wife, and entrepreneur has her super supportive husband, Dave Awasthi, and fan base to thank for her success which she counts as a brave move. “I think sharing who I am and sharing my life online with strangers is fearless, especially considering the person I used to be, painfully shy and insecure about my body, my height, big feet, the list goes on.” Awasthi breaks down her journey, most memorable moments – thus far, and her next chapter in life.

YHM: How did you make the transition from a tech-savvy woman to a style influencer?

TA: My husband suggested I start the blog back in 2011 when I was unfulfilled with my career in tech, longing to do something creative. At the time, I had no idea people were sharing their personal style online.

YHM: How would you describe your style?

TA: Modern-classic with a unique take on trends.

YHM: You are noted as one of the most influential plus-size bloggers. Was there an inspiration or memorable story that made you choose to title your blog Girl with Curves before changing it to a self-titled blog?

TA: Before starting the blog, my husband posted a few pictures of me online and set a Google alert for my name. Two weeks later, I received an email that my images were being posted on I followed the link and saw over 400 comments relating to me being a ‘curvy girl,’ so right then and there, I decided to start Girl With Curves.

YHM: Blogging has rapidly become a new platform for entrepreneurs. How do you deal with the stress of expectations and remain true to your message and style?

TA: I’m lucky enough to have the support of my husband. There are certainly times when I feel burnt out and want to take a break, but if I don’t blog for 24 hours, I miss it! Staying connected to my readers is really important to me, it’s become a part of who I am. My husband is also my business partner and we run the business together, so that helps tremendously. He handles technical, photography and videography and I handle all things creative. We’ve just started to build a team to grow content even more.

YHM: What has your experience been like sharing everything from your style to your personal thoughts online?

TA: Blogging is not only a creative outlet for me, it’s also a form of therapy! Knowing that I’m helping others is really fulfilling, and in turn, it helps me with my own self-confidence, being able to connect with women who have gone through my same struggles with eating disorders and self-esteem.

YHM: How do you deal with the haters that come along with success?

TA: Shockingly I rarely get haters, but when I do, I ignore it or educate them about internet bullying and body-shaming. Often times, my reply is received positively and I get an apology. Most people who spread hate have hate within themselves and it’s simply a cry for help.

YHM: What’s your secret for staying positive after a not-so-great day?

TA: We all have our bad days, but I approach each day as a brand new one, and I always have a long to-do list, so I can’t let a bad mood get in the way of checking everything off my list.

YHM: What gives you the most confidence in life?

TA: Knowing that I am helping people and causing a change in the world through my work.

YHM: Do you have a memorable action from one of your followers that just made your day?

TA: I can remember the very first email I received from a teenage girl who said that seeing my images made her feel proud of her body and good about herself. That email changed my life forever because it changed my perspective on what blogging was. For me, it isn’t just about sharing style and beauty tips, it’s about changing lives and showing women they can look and feel amazing, regardless of size.

YHM: We have to know! Mattel recently came out with their new collection of Barbie dolls and women around the world are screaming and tweeting their opinions. Do you have anything to say about it?

TA: I think it was about time! But I also think they have a long way to go in representing all races, ages and body types. Women are much too diverse for us to ever see a true representation of everyone through dolls. It’s up to us to look around to find beauty in each other’s uniqueness.

Awasthi continues to break barriers for all women on the pages of your favorite glossy magazines to the digital screens of coveted brands. She takes life lessons from you, her readers and supporters, to travels around the world. “Traveling taught me a lot about myself and the world in general. The more places I visit, the more blessed I feel – we have so many things in the United States, we don’t realize are luxuries in other countries, like having hot water within seconds!”

Awasthi’s humility and drive are key factors to her accomplishments and she has only scratched the surface of breaking into the fashion industry. Along with her husband and upcoming team, Awasthi plans on producing even more stylish video content and a product line that will keep us wanting more.

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