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Plaid Skirt One More Time

Plaid Skirt One More Time

  • Written by Raquel Paiva

Raquel Paiva, one of our bloggers for “The Next Level; Life + Fashion” issue, is back with more style tips.

“Every time I see a plaid skirt, what comes to my mind is an old school uniform. As obvious as it is, I believe every girl would love to dress in a plaid skirt and high knee socks. Even Britney Spears!

As we saw in a sexy plaid skirt version on her music video: “Baby One More Time,” they are also a must have for Rachel Berry from Glee.

In addition to the famous TV stars, the plaid skirt is a true back-to-school option for girls. The skirt, plus high knee socks are awesome for this “end of summer” time of the year, when is not too hot but not yet cold.

With this look I am wearing a light white sweater which works great for the approaching cooler fall weather. The white, red and black colors match well together, making the entire outfit charming.

Time for “back-to-school”, let’s rock a preppy plaid skirt and feel like we are part of Glee or Gossip Girl. It is not restricted to TV shows only. You can wear it to look and feel amazing.”

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