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Let It Be Worn: Cherry On Top

Let It Be Worn: Cherry On Top

  • Written by Monica Krystel Rose

New York Fashion Week is all about fashion—from the runway to straight-up street style. We braved the brisk air of February’s runway early this year, and bumped into the stylish Monica Krystel Rose, of Let It Be Worn. This lovely lady is the last in our fashion blogger collaboration line-up and her look is a blend of minimalism and sass.

Oh, how I love fall! It’s the perfect weather to still wear my summer favorites and make them better with warmer layers & accessories. With this look, I skipped the layering and went for a long sleeve maxi dress with an asymmetric neckline, and an up-to-there thigh high slit. It’s a basic dress with sassy details. I even wore it to a wedding once!

To keep the look from being too feisty, I chose to wear my classic Adidas shell tops. Not only are they comfortable, they make any outfit a little bit cooler. I think comfort is the key to confidence in any outfit.

I added a fun element by wearing a bright red Panama hat, the cherry on top. I bought it from the men’s section at Urban Outfitters. I swear they make the best hats for men!

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