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Glam by Moni: Rebel Yell

Glam by Moni: Rebel Yell

  • Written by Mônica Hill

It’s almost the end of September, which means it’s almost time for leather jacket season! Mônica Hill of Glam by Moni is rocking out in a vintage fall look and we can’t help ourselves. Now is the time to gear up on a few ripped denim pieces, leather jackets, and your favorite vintage band tees. The Brazilian native blogger talks how this current runway trend is making its way into casual street wear.

It’s Monica from Glam by Moni here! Today, I want to share the outfit that I believe is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe this fall – the rebel yell look. I am a huge lover of leather jackets and everything related to the punk rock look. I was very excited to see that my favorite designers (from Marc Jacobs to Alexander Wang) decided to go with a dark Goth look for their fall/winter collection. Think everything from leather to ripped tights, studs, and chains—your inner rocker’s dream!

So let me talk a little bit about my outfit choice. For jeans, I picked the Frame Denim in distressed black. Black denim is a staple for the punk girl look. I paired it with a vintage Motley Crue tank top—nothing like vintage band t-shirts to make you look like you got the punk vibe girl going on 😉 And my favorite leather jacket: a studded gray piece from Barbara Bui.

I have to confess that I have a little obsession with leather jackets and when I saw this one, I had to have it (leather and studs? #obsessed). Shoes are so important for this outfit and I couldn’t go wrong with my Alexander Wang rocker boots.

Makeup is a huge part of my life and I love a good smoky eye. I decided to go with the dark eyes + cat eye look to complement my outfit. I had so much fun putting this look together and I hope you enjoy it too.


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