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8 Style and Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow Now

8 Style and Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow Now

Whether you prefer YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, it can’t be denied that fashion and beauty influencers shape the direction of trends. There are many influencers in this digital age, many of whom are revolutionizing what it means to inspire.

We’ve selected our top eight style and beauty influencers that are doing an incredible job sharing their creative talents and expert insights. They all share the same creative gene that encourages us to find new ways of expressing ourselves as the season changes.

Karen Blanchard, KarenBritChick, style vlogger

Get a glimpse into the life of a stylish modern woman living in New York City with Karen Blanchard’s YouTube channel KarenBritChick. Her video series “What Everyone is Wearing in New York,” showcases the trends of New Yorkers. It’s a slice of life straight from the people themselves, showing viewers what’s in for the season.

Kali Kushner, MyFaceStory, hair and skincare influencer

When it comes to skincare that targets acne-prone skin, Kali Kushner of @myfacestory, has you covered. Unlike the beauty industry’s tendency to showcase highly filtered and photoshopped faces, her positively confident approach to acne inspires others to embrace their skin. Her refreshing influence on skincare will show you that self-acceptance is an important beauty tip for this season and beyond.

Nava Rose, style vlogger

Need a quick refresher on all the latest fashion trends? Nava Rose’s quick bites of fashion on TikTok brought her to the attention of millions on the app. From creating outfits with every color in the rainbow to a DIY top and skirt using her Louis Vuitton handbag, she’s nothing short of inventive and will keep you up-to-date on fall’s must-try trends.

Kia Marie, TheNotoriousKIA, content creator and stylist

Content creator and stylist Kia Marie, or TheNotoriousKIA on YouTube, shows you how to shop sustainably and stay stylish. Her videos detail fashion lookbooks for every season and styles from thrifted clothing that keep you up to date on trends. Her channel is a refreshing look at style through the lens of sustainability while still maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Shalini Kutti, makeup and skincare influencer

Let yourself be amazed by Shalini Kutti’s Instagram, where she reveals her creative and bold makeup looks. Her ability to seamlessly transition across varying makeup styles is unparalleled. From fierce graphic liner to sultry, smoky eyes, consider Shalini a guru in makeup artistry. Add some (pumpkin) spice to your makeup routine this fall by recreating her artistic makeup looks.

Amanda Walker, hair and beauty content creator

Curly-haired women rejoice! Amanda Walker, the founder of Minha Beauty, offers fun and insightful curly hair tips and tricks. The hair and beauty content creator perfected the glowy yet minimal makeup look that promises to enhance your natural features. Follow her Instagram to discover how you can keep your hair and skin looking hydrated and healthy throughout the chilly season.

Raeann Langas, Rae Everyday, style blogger

Raeann Langas, a fashion blogger and co-founder of The Confident Collective podcast, has mastered the art of chic, casual wear. Peruse the curvy model’s Instagram for the most effortless, yet put together looks this fall. Whether she’s donning a dainty floral dress or sporty athleisure wear, Raeann champions body positivity in every post. Her Instagram captions provide honest feedback on the clothing she wears and serves as a space for her to share her inspiring journey with body confidence.

Jessica Vu, beauty vlogger

Jessica Vu brought makeup and beauty trends to her viewers on YouTube since 2017. She shows how to embody each season using makeup you already own with videos on moody fall glam, romantic holiday, and fun, colorful looks.

And there you have it. We hope these beauty and style influencers inspire you throughout the fall season to switch things up, shop new brands, and have fun with your style. There’s more to come in our fall-ready forecast. Share your best outfits and makeup looks with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #yhmfallstyle.

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