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Here’s Why You Need to Listen To Jasmine V.

Here’s Why You Need to Listen To Jasmine V.

  • Written by Ashley DeLuce

Long before Bieber had Selena, there was Jasmine V. She played the love interest in Justin’s music video for his first single “Baby.” Now Jasmine is taking center stage to breakout in the music industry without being known as the “girl from the ‘Baby’ video.” She is ready to prove that she can be an artist of her own and we love it!

20-year-old Jasmine Villegas signed with Sony Records at the age of 16. Currently signed to Interscope Records, Jasmine is working on her debut album, which is rumored to be released this spring!

This budding artist is not afraid to speak her mind and belt out topics of cheating, dating and having fun, but of course all in a tasteful way.

Her song “Werk” is a fun girl power anthem. In the hit, Jasmine sings about how guys need to work to be with her. She won’t easily give in and he has to prove himself to her.  Talk about positive independence and self-awareness!

Jasmine’s impact is evident by her popularity on social media. In 2012, she was listed as the #3 Most Powerful Woman on Twitter. She currently has 1.67 million followers on Twitter.

Jasmine V. is a refreshingly talented and promising role model to young women! She gives herself value and worth from her music to her personal style. Keep your eyes glued to this songstress in 2014! Check out her music video for “Werk.”

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