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6 Last Minute Beauty Tips for New Year’s Eve

6 Last Minute Beauty Tips for New Year’s Eve

  • Written by Sherdrain Johnson

2016 can safely be deemed the year of the glow up where extreme highlighting, galaxy makeup, and more was never crossing the line. As the New Year quickly approaches, will we leave the glow up behind as a fad in 2016? Glowing was NEVER a trend to ditch, especially on the night of New Year’s Eve! In memory of the great trends that graced us in 2016, here are 5 ways you can continue to glow and sparkle into the New Year. Starting with our absolute favorite of the year.

Jackie Aina, a YouTube beauty vlogger, listed highlighting as the trend to not keep in 2017 in her Trends We’re Ditching in 2017 video. We’d like to respectfully oppose as we admire the subtle highlight on Jasmine Tookes, a Victoria’s Secret model.

Whether you rock it on your entire lid, the inner corners, or on your wing, there are many ways to add glitter to your eyes to give it the right pop. Of course, if glitter on your eyes is too basic or too much, let’s “Milly Rock” our way to the next tip.

Let us thank Pat McGarth, a British makeup artist, for releasing her collection that allowed glitter lipsticks to prosper—this will glam up any outfit on New Year’s Eve. You can also line your lips with glitter, add it to the center of your lips or at the top of your lips for a different vibe. This trend may be fitting for those who aren’t expecting a kiss at midnight—but don’t be upset because you’ll have the best lips in sight.

For those who always wanted freckles—get your freckle game up by straying away from the norm. While it may be too late to order yourself some of Mr. Kate’s beauty mark temporary tattoos, you can recreate metallic freckles with the help of metallic liquid eyeliner or by mixing metallic eye-shadow with a mixing medium and dotting your way to Freckleville.

Because why not? It’s the most effortless beauty tip for New Year’s Eve; you can’t go wrong with this trend or a holographic style. Still not enough glow? We got you!

Are you up for the challenge? This trend is definitely a head turner. The roots aren’t the only alternative—some have rocked the stylish look on a ponytail or on the ends of their hair. For my natural girls, Whitney White, the beauty vlogger behind Naptural85, has a great video on how to make glitter gel for your hair and a faux confetti bun tutorial.

So whether you’re going for a subtle glow or sparkle for New Year’s, we hope you take the above tips into consideration when finalizing your perfect look. Sound off in the comment box below and tell us which trend you’ill be trying on for New Year’s Eve or what products help you achieve your best glow.

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