The Other Festival: Women Empowering Women

The sun is out and it screams summer more than a cool spring day. Although I’d love to rest across the grassy fields of Central Park, the busy streets of Lower Manhattan is calling me to The Other Festival. If you haven’t yet read our story about Dee Poku, the creator behind the pop culture meets business festival, head on over before you continue reading! Okay, great you’re back.

For many, going to an early morning conference is not the highlight of his or her day, but The Other Festival, well it’s different. It has all the “other” stuff you would not expect from a branding or entrepreneurial meet-up. The first all-female festival in New York brought together leaders from the music, food, fashion, and tech industries. We talked to a few guests and jotted down a handful of quotes so you can feel inspired too.

The weekends are made for shopping and The Smart Shop Village at the festival had our pockets crying for joy with the ethical and sustainable brands on showcase.

And like many festivals, you have to take notes on what is trending in the style department.

When Naomi Campbell tells you to aim high, “go right to the boss and skip the assistant,” you do just that. That was one of the many success pointers from industry leading women like Campbell at the festival. Cheering and clapping followed Dounia Tazi’s empowering body-positive message while laughter filled the room with talks from the fabulous artists Lindsey Stirling, Jasmine Solano, Kitty Cash, and Chelsea Leyland.

So what was the take away from The Other Festival? Rosario Dawson, alongside her business partner Abrima Erwiah, were welcomed with smiles to talk about their fashion label. Their message was moving on the topics of philanthropy, creativity, and women working in the corporate industry. One of Dawson’s most resonated quotes for the evening was “help me – and let me help you.” Her closing action was congratulating Poku on a phenomenal job – it summed up the meaning of the event. Women empowering women. The festival was not only an opportunity to take notes on career success, but a blessed chance to motivate each other and shake up the world with our voice, our story. 

Melissa Giannini, Editor-in-Chief of Nylon; Abrima Erwiah, Rosario Dawson, and Poku
Melissa Giannini, Editor-in-Chief of Nylon; Erwiah, Poku and Dawson

Here’s what some guests had to say about the event.

Kirsty, 26 | In one word… It’s inspiring to see women fighting for their dreams.

Jeanice Parker, 24 | I’m a creator, and I love being around other creatives to stay inspired. I love the idea of women empowerment and everyone encouraging each other to do what they love, I stand behind that 100 %.

Tiffani Chanelle, 28 | It’s uplifting to see real women doing real things. You can read about these things, but it’s different. It’s like if she can do it; I can do it.

Leila, 23 | It’s really empowering to hear what these influential women have to say. Very inspiring!

Mame, 25 | I love this event! I’m so inspired by these dynamic women.

By Yegide Matthews | Photos: YHM Magazine Archive 

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