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Winter 2021 Editor’s Letter

From mapping out your year with inspirational vision boards to securing your bag with advice from financial gurus, we’ve got you covered.

Autumn 2020 Editor’s Letter

In her autumn 2020 editor’s letter, Yegide Matthews gives us an update about her work from home experience plus shares her plans for the magazine.

How Period Activists Adapted to the Times to Bring Awareness to Period Poverty

PERIOD, a global non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of the menstrual movement, thrived during the coronavirus pandemic against all odds.

Dee Poku: How to Find Your Purpose and Help Others

Dee Poku, the co-founder, and CEO of Women Inspiration and Enterprise talks about her upcoming women empowerment event, The Other Festival.

Kicking Stereotypes and Taking Names: Amani Alkhat
Amani Alkhat is not your average college student. This researcher, scholar, public speaker, activist, and…