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Redefine Heros

Redefine Heros

  • Written by J’nel Billups

A typical description of a hero is someone who shows great bravery, valor, and prowess. Though this is the dictionary definition that everyone knows, it may not be the meaning that fully describes what a hero is to a specific person around the world.

YHM wants to know how others describe what a hero is to them, so we sit down with student Candace Hamilton to find out.

A hero to me is someone who you have been inspired by and look upon for guidance. I think a hero must possess positive characteristics that others strive to acquire. The qualities that I see in my heroes are ambition, passion, and someone who has the confidence to stay true to themselves no matter the circumstance.

The most important trait, out of the three, is passion. I believe it is rare to find people who continue to pursue activities that they are truly passionate about. As I look forward to the future, I am excited and hopeful to find something that I am truly passionate about so I can achieve greatness.

Hopefully, I can become someone that others will look up to and see as a hero.

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