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Strength Radiating From Within

Strength Radiating From Within

  • Written by Jnel Billups

The month of July is a time of reflection for those who had the strength and determination to accomplish a goal that seemed unreachable.

The perception of strength may differ from person to person or place to place. For insight, YHM asks Colorado based student, Tory Orozco, what strength means to her and how she shows it in her everyday life.

Young Hot Modern: How would you define inner strength?

Tory Orozco: I believe inner strength is that push and the force that gets you going every day. It’s the fuel that drives you and urges you to accomplish your goals.

It is also the backbone of what it takes to make you a good person, friend, daughter, student…whatever you may be. I believe you have to be at peace with who you are in all aspects of your life to live a happy and balanced life; and that all stems from your inner strength.

YHM: How do you show your strength?

TO: I think I show my strengths through my relationships with the people I care about. I believe, that if you spend your life being an honest and loyal friend, life will then bless you with honest and loyal friends in return.

I have always been able to hang on to friendships, no matter the distance, and that takes a tremendous amount of strength.

It took me a long time to come to peace with who I am as a person and I think your inner strength comes from that journey to find yourself.

I used to care about what people would say or think about me until one day I realized that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about me, because I know what I think about myself. I believe I am a good person and no one should ever make you feel anything less.

I think if you take a step back, look at your life, and you can smile at who you are…then who cares what anyone else says? Once you realize that….the rest is easy.

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