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Letters to Hillary: You Are Our Champion

Letters to Hillary: You Are Our Champion

The 2016 United States presidential election results have left a bitter, cold, and sad feeling amongst many. While it might feel too soon to move on and accept what has happened, we can cherish the monumental movement Hillary Clinton has started for women in America. Whether you agreed with her stance or not, you cannot deny the success she has obtained: professionally and socially. She has changed the standards. She has transformed the game.

This was more than politics for women and for that we thank you, Hillary. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. My team and I strive to make Young Hot & Modern a place where the voices of women can be heard and after the election results were announced our job has never felt more meaningful. Below are notes from young women expressing how Hillary Clinton has inspired and impacted them.

This is for the woman who showed me to be strong. This is for the woman who taught me to stand up for what I believe in. This is for the woman who has stood up for what she believes in. This is for the woman that first showed me what feminism is. This is for the woman that makes me proud to be a woman. This is for the woman who I am proud of. Thank you for showing me how to be strong and how to put my feelings into action, Hillary. I am with you and will continue to be with you until the end. You have made herstory.
Kayla L. | 22

I’d love to see a woman in the White House. Her legacy will stand; she has set the stage, proving women have a place in leading this nation.
Ashley M. | 22

Hillary Clinton has inspired me. Even though the odds are against women achieving great heights, I, as a woman, must still strive against those odds and excel. She is one of the female faces of unrelenting persistence.
Chinemenma A. | 23

Your strength in the face of unspeakable hatred and misogyny is truly inspiring. Every woman who has ever tried to achieve anything can see herself in you, in the way your ambition and professionalism were met with bullying and nastiness. But you stayed strong in your dignity and your convictions, and I admire that so much. Thank you for being our candidate, for putting your devotion to public service above all else, and for teaching us how to be strong and to keep fighting, no matter how low they go.
Elizabeth D. | 26

I don’t know when I’ll next have the chance to proudly place my vote for as qualified a candidate, let alone a female candidate, as Hillary Clinton. Through the experience of watching her campaign, I learned so much about the strength it takes to be a woman—the serenity and grace with which she handled unjust criticism, constant questioning and doubt, and standing up to one of the biggest bullies this country has known is something we women in America can all aspire to embody in these next four years and much further beyond. She may not have won the presidency, but she’s won a place as a true leader in this world, without needing a political title to go with it.
Pooja K. | 24

You taught us that women’s rights are human rights and showed us what female leadership can achieve. Thank you for being brave enough and selfless enough to pave the way for young feminists.
Lauren R. | 31

To me, Hillary Clinton was the ultimate symbol of perseverance. To have a woman of any color, shape, or form at the forefront of a presidential election is the biggest inspiration for me as a female, and because of her so many little girls and young women alike know they truly can do anything. She unfortunately may not have won this election, but she surely paved the way for any future Ms. President.
Brendina R. | 24

It’s positive that a woman competed for a position that has only been occupied by men for centuries. Although she lost, her efforts shouldn’t be considered a failure for women fighting for respect and equality in the workplace.
Tamika B. | 25

Hillary Clinton has made the impossible, possible. She has stood up for not only women’s rights, but rights for immigrants and the LGTBQ community as well. She’s a liberal and is for everyone!
Shaunee G. | 22

There aren’t many words to describe what Hillary Clinton has done for women in America. She’s an icon and role model who will influence many generations after us. The 2016 election results have been disappointing to many, but we don’t throw our hands up. We don’t run away screaming. We work to make a better future. We can pull through these next few years and say, “Okay, it didn’t happen this time. We need to make it happen next time.”
Sunny T. | 20

Hillary Clinton is a very wonderful person. She is the kindest person anybody could think of. Hillary inspired me to follow my dreams and never give up. Hillary inspired me to never give up when someone tries to knock me down. Hillary trusts a lot of other people to do what they love.
Shanice C. | 9

I can truly say that I admire Mrs. Clinton’s ability to overcome adversity with grace and come out on the other end with her head held high. You can’t help but feel empowered as a woman seeing her sit alongside her husband while in office and then contend for the same position a few years later. Politics aside, the woman exudes strength.
Sophia C. | 26

She has spent her entire life in public service genuinely trying to improve the lives of other people and clawing her way to the top. She has shown me that women can be tough fighters no matter how much bullsh*t is thrown their way.
Shawn P. | 25

In these days following the shocking results of the election, there’s something I keep coming back to. On the first night of the democratic national convention back in July, the evening ended with a video montage of our past presidents; 43 men flashed across the screen, from president George Washington to president Barack Obama. At the end, the screen shattered, revealing a beaming Hillary Clinton, fresh off her historic nomination. “I cannot believe we just put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet,” she said. I felt so brave and so proud to be an American woman, imagining the world where girls will grow up with a female president, a world where women are equal. With intelligence and strength, Hillary led us through the election season. She fought for human rights. She fought for unity, inclusion, and love. After this election, we still have a long way to go. But I am still and always #withher.
Jackie D. | 20

She’s caused women to collectively awaken. I think she’s stirred up suppressed energies and has unleashed them by active protesting and expression of their voices, even immediately after the results of the election were finalized.
Kathleen C. | 26

Hillary inspired me to continue trying and fighting for women’s rights—all women, of different races, classes, etc. It saddens me to know that a woman with her background still lost, but it’s also a greater inspiration to become the best I can be. Because we, as women, will triumph through the sexism, discrimination, and degradation that we face.
Selma A. | 24

My admiration for HRC has only grown, and I will continue to look up to her as a leader with a formidable set of qualities that are admirable in every gender: strength, intelligence, grace, and a deep commitment to public service. I’m with her.
Emilie H. | 36

Hillary Clinton sadly won’t be in the white house, but the fact remains she won the popular vote and most of our country does believe a woman was ready to be president. This fact alone does show major progression and has made me very hopeful and optimistic for our future generations and for women, including minority women like myself, to seize every opportunity presented to us despite who our president is.
Leanna S. | 24

The path to greatness consists of having a strong passion and desire to lead. We as women are born with this by nature. Thank you, Hillary Clinton.
Jackie M. | 33

When faced with adversity and injustice, fleeing isn’t an option. Hillary showed us that. We mourn, we console, and we start anew. It’s imperative we all know that a seed planted will still grow no matter the stormy weather. Hillary will forever stand for that. This is the time to take care of each other and take action for each other. Fear does not win.
Kiara M. | 20

The shining light through the grim election was witnessing Hillary Clinton’s strength and compassion during her campaign. One moment I remember in particular is standing in front of the tv watching her during the third debate. As she stood with poise, I stared into her eyes and I saw myself. In that moment, I felt like I could stand up against whatever. I think that’s the significance of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.
Fatimah F. | 23

Watching your resilience has helped me to discover new resilience in myself. My students deserve adults who show up, who listen, and who fight for the world they will inherit. Keep fighting, and I will too.
Nora R. | 30

Hillary is one of the strongest woman I know, who turns every defeat into a lesson to do better. Her resilience and unfaltering love for America has proven itself time and time again, no matter how many times America has turned its back on her. Ready and willing, she shows up ready to fight another day, for the people who both love and disagree with her, with a smile on her face, and genuine care in her heart. That’s what not only makes her a role model for Americans but for females who are always marginalized to the shadows of a male-dominated world, in particular.
Serée J. | 24

Hillary did some great things in the election, and I do believe that she has stood for the rights of those who have been overlooked and trampled on, but for the most part she has been a wake-up call for me.
Shavonna B. | 24

Mrs. Clinton has shown extraordinary strength and perseverance by relentlessly focusing on substance. I suspect she has had to work three times harder than a man would, to prove her intelligence, qualifications, and commitment. She and her campaign may have made mistakes along the way, but she always maintained composure and civility—a lesson and inspiration to all of us.
Lynda H. | 39

Hillary Clinton taught me that win or lose, one can carry themselves with grace, kindness, and dignity. While she lost the election, she did her best. I, too, want to live life trying my best at everything I do, so I don’t look back and say “I could’ve tried harder.”
Sarah L. | 24

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