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5 Ways to Spring into Total Happiness This Season

5 Ways to Spring into Total Happiness This Season

  • Written by Tatiana Gallardo

Smell the flowers? Hear the birds? Feel the glorious sunshine? Spring has arrived, and with it, joy should be blossoming. There is a beautiful freshness in the air during this season of rejuvenation. Take advantage of this time and amp up your mood with these easy spring-oriented steps:

#1. Embrace Positivity

Happiness starts with attitude. Adopt a disposition as bright and cheery as the blue spring sky. Look at the beauty around you and remember how lucky you are to be alive, enjoying the warmth and splendor of the springtime. An optimistic outlook is essential. It allows you to persevere in the face of challenges. Be hopeful this spring; start smiling.

#2. Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Say goodbye to those dark hue outfits you were obsessed with in winter. It’s time to add some brighter color to your wardrobe. This isn’t only a fashion decision, but a decisive mood changer. According to Constance Hart, a color therapy expert, “color has an effect on our psyche,” where our mood is directly influenced by the clothes we choose to wear. Black and other dark colors “can have a depressive quality to it,” which is not what we want. The colors we choose to wear are “always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.” Choose wisely. Our recommendation for this spring: primrose yellow.

#3. Put Flowers in Your Room or Office

Wake up to a vase of pretty pink tulips and you will definitely be smiling. A study on the emotional effect of flowers has concluded that they “are a natural and healthful moderator of moods,” and “have an immediate impact on happiness.” During spring we see flowers popping up all around us. Incorporate some of your favorite flowers—our springtime favorites are peonies and dahlias—indoors and feel the content flower effect.

#4. Spend Some Relaxing Time Outdoors

Now that the harsh, frigid arctic chill of winter is behind us, it’s time to get outdoors. Take a walk around your neighborhood, or spend some time in your local park. Get to know your backyard more. With the sun radiating above you and the coolness of air protecting you from the looming summer humidity, there is no excuse to not be outdoors. It will even make you “substantially happier,” according to a UK study done on the effects of time spent outdoors. Explore the nature around you. Have a picnic outside with some good friends, delicious food, and cool drinks.

#5. Exercise Outside

As you explore the outdoors, add in some workout time. Not only do endorphins give you a rush of joy, but being outside will make exercise more enjoyable and fun. While you’re at the local park, go for a jog along the running trail. Take a hike with your best friends. Remember that bike you have stored away? Yeah; pull it out and go for a ride. Your heart will be pumping, sweat will be running, and your face will be grinning.

This spring, be healthy, be hopeful, be colorful. Most importantly, be happy! Sound off in the comments below and tell us about your springtime activities and vibes.

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