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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

Summer 2017

The last few weeks of spring has been a whirlwind of life changes for me: hospital visits, exciting yet challenging changes in my 9-to-5, relocation to a gorgeous new place to call home, and the list goes on. However, I’ve been running. Running away from as many tasks as I can. It’s exhausting—the running away part.

I’m passionate about doing only the things that make me happy, unfortunately, #adulting does not allow for that. As my responsibilities and tasks increased, some with warning others without, I began to do a little of everything instead of focusing on a few.

Of course spring is notably time for a change, but my mind and heart is set for rejuvenation of summer days—clearly, I’m still running, but #adulting is hard. I’m ready for a break!

I was recently asked what my plans are for the summer, sadly I had no answer. Although I’m not off to an exotic vacay, I do plan to have fun this summer and truly fine tune the goal setting I started in the spring—there is hope on the horizon.

Our team looks forward to sharing more styles and Fashion Week favorites throughout June. We’re beefing up on our lifestyle section to help you get summer ready for yummy dishes, drinks and more. And we can’t wait to feature your summer getaways and adventures on our Instagram with our annual #YHMTravels campaign throughout July and August.

To wrap up the blissful summer season we are more than THRILLED to prep for our next YHM + Look Book collaboration. Stay tuned for all the deets!

See you around,
Yegide Matthews

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