College Student, Kimberly Reustle, on How to Sacrifice to Triumph

Missing a party to study for an exam, giving up your morning to attend a class, or working on a Friday night instead of going out with friends. These are all concepts students around the world have had to become accustomed to in order to thrive in a college setting. Pharmacy major Kimberly Reustle enlightens us with her perception of sacrifice.

YHM: How do you define sacrifice?

Sacrifice to me means giving up something valuable in exchange for progress towards a greater good. I think in order to be successful; you have to except the fact that you may have to give up some aspects of your social life in order to devote that time to your goals.

Sacrifice at the time may seem miserable but I know that it will all be worth it in the end because I will be doing what I love most in life.

By Jnel Billups

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