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Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

  • Written by Bethsaida Romelus

Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Is it just another holiday that big corporations can profit off of consumers? Or is it still a special day to express genuine emotions to love ones? This holiday might still be relevant holiday in order to share nice sentiments with others. We feel that the right person can make this day worthwhile.  YHM asks two young women how they view the day of love.

Morgan Bibrey, 22 | I don’t think Valentine’s Day is overrated, but I don’t think it’s a big deal either. People shouldn’t be pushed into celebrating this holiday if they aren’t interested in it. I feel both parties, male and female, should make a mutual contribution on the holiday.

But what I do find annoying about this day is how single people tend to complain how they don’t have a special someone to share time with. I think what everyone should remember is that you don’t need Valentine’s Day to show love.

Vanessa Estiman, 20 | It’s a nice holiday and it reminds people how important love is. People tend to not care much about it nowadays. A lot of people are putting emphasis on just hooking up instead of nurturing strong relationships. Valentine’s Day is good for people who are dating so they can continue to value and help their relationships.

So that’s just what two Millennials think, but there is so much more to the buzz of Valentine’s Day. What are your thoughts on the gift-giving holiday for love? Sound off in the comments below.

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