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Amy Valentine Joslin: Timeless UK Fashion

Amy Valentine Joslin: Timeless UK Fashion

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Daily outfit inspirations vary with every woman. It can be as complex as fashion from other cultures or as simple as the weather outside. No matter where the inspiration comes from, it all comes down to the execution.

For eighteen-year-old Amy Valentine Joslin, daily ensembles are inspired by her day-to-day mood or sometimes the music she is currently listening to.

“I’d say that my style usually combines femininity with a touch of masculine grunge,” Joslin said.

She may be inspired by simple things, but Joslin executes each style effortlessly with uniqueness and creativity—nothing like YHM has ever seen before on Timeless Fashion!

“My favorite high street shops are Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Zara but I also like to shop online from independent businesses a lot,” Joslin said. “The thing I like most about independent businesses is the originality and effort that goes into the products. The people that run them work so hard and really believe in the products.”

We’ve seen timeless fashion from California to New York, but how is timeless fashion in the United Kingdom?

“I think living in the UK restricts my fashion sense in that it’s always cold. I’d love to wear summer clothes all year round,” mentioned Joslin.

As young as fourteen years old, Joslin owned a jewelry business, where she found blogging as a way to update her customers on new products. Through this, she found fashion blogs and decided to start her own.

“I hope that I contribute a part to the fashion community by posting my takes on fashion. I also do frequent giveaways on my blog and I donate a lot of old clothes to charity shops,” Joslin continued.

This lovely eighteen-year-old has aspirations of being a higher-up for clothing brands or a magazine. With YHM, she’s already accomplished one of the two.

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