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Ammy Wilson on Being a Beauty Queen, Volunteering and More

Ammy Wilson on Being a Beauty Queen, Volunteering and More

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You have heard it many times at countless pageants. “All I want is world peace.” It might be cliché, but it is a true passion for Ammy Wilson. When not on stage being Miss Ecuador she is giving her all in servicing others.

Recently visiting Ecuador for two weeks to volunteer as an aid for orphanages, elderly homes, and autistic schools, Wilson is not your typical beauty queen doing community work. Servicing others goes a long way for her.

Through the La Sociedad Tungurahueses De Nueva Jersey pageant (The Tungurahuenses Society of New Jersey) she raised money from here in the states and went off to fix whatever she could while in Ecuador. And of course what would our generation be without media?

Wilson used television and radio stations to get the word out. When asked what was most memorable about visiting she said, “When I went to Ecuador all the little kids came up to me. They need more attention than others. It’s not because they don’t have parents. They need warmth and someone to love them.”

Wilson has always had a love helping others and giving them a chance to succeed. She says, “We are all busy, but community service can be anything such as going to the park or library to read to your little brother or sister and their friends. You don’t have to go across the world or spend three hours a day on service.”

Her advice is to start little if that is what you can do. On a constant mission to help others Wilson plans to be a pediatrician. She wants to explore the needs of the others. It’s not just about money or food; there are other important things people can be helped with. “Material items we take for granted in our everyday lives is significant to others.”

With her crown high on her head while in Ecuador, she didn’t want to be remembered as the queen who helped out, but the person who cares.

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