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Miss Earth 2020 On 4 Active Ways to Help Save Our Planet

Miss Earth 2020 On 4 Active Ways to Help Save Our Planet

If you feel like it’s impossible to save our planet or you’re lost on how you can help, here are some actionable tips straight from Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020.

The annual beauty pageant promotes environmental awareness, conservation and social responsibility. Coffey, a model and environmental activist, was crowned the first U.S. representative as Miss Earth in 2020.

Her key initiatives include creating environmental awareness, green solutions, protecting our natural resources and addressing the water crisis. A Climate Reality Leader and WWF Ambassador, Coffey advocates for climate justice, focusing on racial inequality and economic disparity, and their impact on sustainability.

In addition to the four planet-saving tips Coffey highlights below, she works with many organizations that make an impact on providing change such as Clean Ways, Greenpeace International, Adopt-a-Highway, The Humane Society, and Food for Life Global. Coffey has even lobbied on Capitol Hill for nature and wildlife conservation with our legislative branch.

Lindsey Coffey - Miss Earth 2020
Lindsey Coffey - Miss Earth 2020 - posing with her sustainably-sourced jeweled crown.

#1 Say No to Single-Use Plastic

Plastic is one of the greatest polluters. With 79% of plastic ending up in landfills and 12.7 million tons being tossed into our oceans, this waste will accumulate further if we keep using plastic. It isn’t just an eyesore, it negatively impacts the health of the entire ecosystem.

#2 Donate

If you have the funds please donate to reputable environmental organizations. Since only a small amount of the federal budget goes to special interest groups, mission trips and projects are mostly funded by the gracious donations of their supporters.

#3 Tweet Congress

Just a handful of tweets to your state representatives will get their attention. This shows them what their constituents are passionate about: pro-environmental legislature, support for clean energy, climate action especially in underserved communities, etc. After all, they work for you so it’s important to tell them what you want.

#4 Vote

Our truest solution to the climate crisis is within our legislative branch. Voting for politicians whose agenda is pro-environment helps create legislative reform which will have a positive impact nationally and globally.

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