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Love the Skin You’re In

Love the Skin You’re In

  • Written by J'nel Billups

The media today places such a high emphasis on a person’s appearance that it can cause high amounts of stress on people, especially women. Everyone works hard to be what society deems as “perfect,” and may lose sight of what is truly important. What matters most is that they feel comfortable with themselves, no matter what others may think of them. Student, Stephanie Smith, tells YHM why she thinks it is important that people believe in themselves and pay no attention to the thoughts of others.

“First and foremost, I believe that people must live their lives for themselves.  We should not have to go through life constantly worrying about what the person next to us thinks about our hair or the outfit we are wearing. When people are comfortable within their own skin, and accepting of themselves, confidence will exude and make you more approachable to others.

When you act with grace and confidence, those around you will see that and treat you with the highest levels of respect. Once you accept yourself and completely realize your potential, you can take your talents and achieve great success in life,” shares Smith.

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