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The Plea for Muffin-Mania

The Plea for Muffin-Mania

  • Written by Tatiana Gallardo

And it is with that first bite where you fall in love. The steaming, soft, buttery sweetness coupled with a dab of butter lifts you to paradise. This is baked good bliss. This is the muffin effect. Yet muffins don’t get the attention they deserve.

When was the last time our Instagram feeds were blown up with posts about blueberry, or pistachio, or banana walnut muffins? Instead, we have been fed the obsession of cronuts, cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops.  Though these are undeniably delicious, there is a big gap that needs to be filled. Muffin-mania is the solution.

Muffins’ undeniable versatility and scrumptiousness needs recognition. Food blogs across the web are packed with yummy, unique muffin recipes. They range from sweet, savory, healthy, to traditional. There are no limits to muffin potential. Here are five of our favorite selections to jumpstart your own muffin-mania crave.

#1 The Perfect Blueberry Muffin by Deb Perelman, Smitten Kitchen

These are a tried and true staple for a reason. This version takes all the good in a blueberry muffin—think: the luscious sweetness of the berries, the warm softness of the dough—and makes it perfect. It’s a no frills recipe that is finished off with a teaspoon of sugar on every muffin. That’s the secret to success. A little added sweetness.

#2 Paleo Herbed Sweet Potato Savory Muffins by Michele Rosen, Paleo Running Momma

But muffins don’t only have to be sweet to be delicious. This recipe is a double game changer: savory and Paleo muffins. It’s dairy free divinity that focuses on the natural flavor of the sweet potato and fresh herbs. Serve them as a side at dinner and thank us later.

#3 Pumpkin, Cream Cheese Muffins by Michelle Norris, Brown Eyed Baker

Meet the new combo in town: pumpkin and cream cheese. These muffins leave little to be desired. They’re decadently sweet with a cream cheese filling, surrounded by airy pumpkin dough and finished off with a pecan streusel topping. Perfect for breakfast, dessert, or honestly, any time of day.

#4 Vegan Coffee Cake Muffins by Jeanine Donofrio, Love & Lemons

Muffins can even be vegan! There is truly no end to the versatility. This delicious recipe replaces sour cream with almond milk and uses coconut oil instead of butter. They’re a healthy take on the traditional coffee cake, but even better, you can indulge without the guilt.

#5 Perfect Lemon Muffins by Izy Hossack, Top With Cinnamon

Lemon perfection has arrived in muffin form. They’re bursting with flavor and finished off with a beautiful—as well as delicious—candied lemon zest topping. Skip the lemonade next time and instead, make muffins.

We need to start moving our foodie feast in the right direction. The muffin-mania needs to commence. Muffins are easy to make and even easier to devour. It’s a win-win situation. What’s your favorite muffin? Sound off below in the comments.

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