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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

Fall 2017 | Live Life Joyfully + Give Back

It’s officially my favorite time of the year—autumn.

Live life joyfully; that’s the kind message you’ll read in magazines and on advertisements throughout the upcoming season. It’s a positive and blissful message to spread, but let’s be real. Are we going to solve all of the issues and obstacles we face this autumn with freshly baked goods, pumpkin spice latte, Netflix binges, and a new wardrobe? Probably not, but we can lend our hands and time towards things that are a little beyond us.

First up for the season is the release of our new Blogger Look Book Collaboration features Christine Louis of the Louis Reign and Chinyere Adogu of Chillin with Chi. I had the pleasure of touring New York City during fashion week with these two beauties. That’s what makes this season so “joyful” surrounding yourself with awesome people; not just living in #basicmoments.

Over the next few months, our team will work hard to bring you motivating features about real women, doing kickass things in life. Yeah; that’s kind of our motto, but we’re serving things up across all of our sections. We are proud to introduce you to a few eco-friendly fashion designers and brands that give back to the community or to a cause. I’m all about living life joyful by making others around me feel good and by caring for my environment.

While all this love is brewing, we simply cannot leave ourselves out of the equation. Last year we featured a story on Mental Illness Awareness Week, we plan to keep that momentum going. We are here to cheer you on for a little self-love with destressing tips and stories of personal growth. Also, let’s just keep sending love to everyone—November marks the start of our #YHM30DaysOfThanks campaign. Tell the people closest to you how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Autumn is a big holiday season—a time that can bring people closer or break them up. It’s such a transitional period emotionally and for fashion, music, and food as well. We want to inspire you and join in on all your fun this fall. While the holidays stack up we will, of course, share a few classic autumn must-reads for recipes (okay; who can resist freshly baked goodies), trendy and cozy fashion styles, and how-to guides for all those parties you’ll be attending—or hosting.

See you around,
Yegide Matthews

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