When working in an office, many people believe that they have to stick to the same drab two-piece suits that have been worn by professionals for years. Black, grey, and navy are staple colors within a professional setting that people feel most comfortable in.

Some may feel stifled by this status quo, but more and more people are finding ways to step out of the traditional and throw some sass into their wardrobe. YHM asks recent graduate, Alexis Kianna, how she shows her personality in her wardrobe at work.

Alexis, New York
Alexis, New York – Courtesy Photo

“I believe that you can remain professional while still showing who you are through your work wardrobe. I like to use accessories and color to make a plain black or grey suit come to life.

Pops of red from your shirt, a printed heel, or a colorful belt, are simple pieces that can truly go a long way.

The most important thing about picking out an outfit is making sure that you feel comfortable and love the way you look.”

By J’nel Billups

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