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How to Stay True To Your Personal Style

How to Stay True To Your Personal Style

  • Written by Pooja Kolluri

Fashion is always changing, but you don’t have to. As cliché as that might sound check out what one young woman told us about staying true to herself.

Danie Perkins, 19

Women need to realize that classy does not have to mean boring. More coverage does not make you less appealing. Instead of using our cleavage for attention, try smiling.It will come with better, more positive reactions, and compliments. I’m not saying we shouldn’t show our curves every now and then, but the more we show our goods on the daily basis, the less surprise and mystery we can expect from others when they see us dress in that particular way.

I think all women should invest into at least one pair of stockings. Pick any color and style you want, but get some. Seriously, they make a big difference when you wear a short skirt. They also look really good with denim ”daisy duke” shorts and tailored shorts. Also if one half of your body is in fitted clothing, then the other half should be looser; or make everything seemingly loose unless of course it’s a tight dress.

Back when I was 16, I could not blend in with the styles of everyone around me because the clothes usually didn’t come in a size big enough for me. With that being said my style was forced at first, but it gradually became something original, unique, and my own. I stood out more because of it and I liked it. I did blend in when it came to my shoe game though. From sneakers, to boots, and heels. My shoes were on point with the current trends of that time.

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