Suzanne Rae & Shaina Mote; Minimalistic and Versatile for FW14

Suzanne Rae Pelaez has got our eyes fixed on her playful and minimalistic fall/winter 2014 collection.

As I stepped into the brightly lit suite, racks draped in ruffled tops and zippered gowns made the mini fashionista inside of me want to splurge on everything in sight!

We love S. Rae’s super comfy sweater dress!

Taking the minimalist approach to the next level is no understatement for her upcoming line. The FW14 collection is a mixture of elegance and casual all wrapped up in one. You’ll fall in love with the unique oversized pieces because they are sure to cover all your styling needs.

Across the room sharing her FW14 line is the budding California designer, Shaina Mote. Her line answers the ongoing fashion crisis question; “Will I wear this in a few months?” Mote’s versatile pieces will help you make a statement with your look every time by adjusting a few knots here and there – literally!

It was bittersweet leaving behind all those precious threads of comfort and style, but we snagged the designers’ pics showing off their favorite pieces for our memories!

Suzanne Rae
Suzanne Rae
Shaina Mote
Shaina Mote

By Yegide Matthews

Photos: YHM Magazine Archive

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