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Let’s Make a Touchdown on Back-to-School Fashion

Let’s Make a Touchdown on Back-to-School Fashion

  • Written by Raquel Paiva

Get to know Raquel Paiva, one of our bloggers for “The Next Level; Life + Fashion” issue.

“The beginning of September is the time of the year most of people remember as “back to school.” But for NFL fans, this means the beginning of a new football season.

And why not put these two together in an outfit? Football dresses are sort of a trend right now, and it is a great option for a back to school outfit.

For sports fans it is a good option because it reminds us of a football jersey, making us feel connected to the games. For those with more of a preppy style it works well because it is a very cute dress.

It is also great for the September weather, and it could be worn with a Denim Jacket, sweatshirt and so on. This look also allows you to play with accessories, personalizing it to make it more or less casual.

I love it with converse sneakers, but it would also look great with other kinds of sneakers, boots or sandals. Whatever combination matches your style and taste, the football dress can make a preppy or sporty style. Just use your imagination.”

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