Positivity in any Wardrobe for any Season

Fall is right around the corner. So while the east coast may be saying goodbye to the warm, sunny weather and welcoming the colder, autumn air, twenty-year-old Genevieve Nguyen living in Southern California is living the summer life all year round!


YHM: We are transitioning from summer to fall, how does that affect your wardrobe?

Genevieve Nguyen (GN): Since I live in SoCal, it’s never really too hot or too cold.

I own a lot of shorts! I wear them all year round!

For the first day of fall, I would wear a neutral color parka jacket over a plain tank or tee, a printed circle scarf, a pair of denim shorts, sheer leggings under, with a cute pair of strapped heels or ankle booties.

YHM: What styles attract and inspire you the most?

GN: I really love the simple, classic looks. I’m always attracted to the Brandy Melville-esque styles.

I’m interested in modern chic with a little edge.


According to Nguyen, she was introduced to the world of fashion when being skinny and showing skin were the only acceptable looks for fashion.

Now, I feel like fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s more body positive now.

YHM: What is your ideal outfit that gives you a positive vibe?

GN: Floral-print clothing helps give me a positive energy throughout the day! Floral just brings out that laid-back vibe and comfort. When I dress comfortable, I feel good all day long!

Whether it’s the west coast or the east coast, summer weather all year round or not, everyone should feel positive in any kind of wardrobe!

By Jannel Therese Varona

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