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Blogging Into The Fashion Industry; Little Mai Sunshine

Blogging Into The Fashion Industry; Little Mai Sunshine

  • Written by Fatimah Foster

What began as a way to oppose the tiring uniforms required of Catholic high school students, left Mai Nguyen, a Rutgers University student, falling in love with the vibrant world of fashion.

She was quickly attracted to the creative freedom and expression of fashion, and in 2013 the 21-year old began documenting her fashion interests through her blog, Little Mai Sunshine.

Although unsure of the future success of her blogging endeavors, Nguyen began styling her own outfits and creating a space where she could share her fashion dares and must-haves.

Nguyen’s passion for fashion and concern for others is definitely admirable and endearing. Her delightful nature and enthusiasm is invariably transparent throughout each one of her blog posts.

I want to provide people with a new perspective on style and fashion. I hope to inspire people…help them with their wardrobe malfunctions…or just any style advice” Nguyen explained.

One thing most notable about her refreshing personal style diary, is her focus on affordable clothing. Undoubtedly, Nguyen understands the struggles of being a broke college student and not being able to afford the luxury items often flaunted by other bloggers.

Anyone can look good in what they wear as long as they confidently show it, and I feel like that’s the beauty of it.

After partaking in her first giveaway and collaboration with a few fashion bloggers, Nguyen plans to continue expanding the content on her blog and trying new things. With her drive and persistence, Nguyen’s Little Mai Sunshine is surely destined for greatness.

Although blogging appears to be a tedious daily task, Nguyen remains humble in referring to her blog as an activity rather than work. “It’s something that I love to do so I don’t think of it as a job. Honestly, when I’m bored I come up with outfits in my head for my next blog post. It’s so fun…and if it’s something you love, then you don’t stop working on it, so you’re always thinking about it or trying to improve on it.” Nguyen admitted.

With her recent internship at a fashion PR agency, Nguyen plans to take her experiences and continuing making her way into the fashion industry. She does not know where her journey will take her, but she knows exactly where she’ll be. She will be in the fabulous world of fashion.

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