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Homme Style: Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

Homme Style: Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

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There is a charming and magnetic pull for a man who is well-tailored. Just like men, women love to do a double take, especially for a super attractive gentleman walking by. This week our attention is on Marcel Dominik Floruss, a 24-year-old German native heartthrob sharing his thoughts on fashion and relationships. The recently single and stylish gent behind One Dapper Street is an easy going guy who nods to music, meditation, and Netflix for a relaxing time.

YHM: Do you have any hidden talents?

Marcel Dominik Floruss: Hopefully not so hidden anymore in the very near future, but I used to be a professional dancer ranging from ballet to hip-hop with a focus on the latter. I am hoping to bring more of that back and present fashion that way!

YHM: What’s your social media obsession?

MDF: I am a serious meme addict. I think I follow about twenty different meme accounts and regularly catch up on the latest posts.

YHM: Do you have a favorite love song or romantic movie?

MDF: Okay, ultra-cheesy, but I actually love The Notebook (2004). So yupp — there it is.

YHM: What do you look for in a woman?

MDF: Confidence, style, and happiness to be alive.

YHM: What would your ideal date night look like?

MDF: Netflix and chill?! Just kidding. Ummm, I love a good ole traditional date, dinner and a show; something to experience and remember.

YHM: How can women better understand men?

MDF: If I knew that I’d tell them. Also I’m not that typical of a dude though. I’m fairly feminine, at least based on some prejudices like talking about your feelings and shopping and what not, so I feel like women get me.

YHM: Do you have any relationship pet peeve(s)?

MDF: All relationships demand some amount of work and effort eventually, but it should always give you more than that. Once that equilibrium shifts to the wrong side, that’s usually my breaking point.

YHM: What is the craziest or sweetest thing you’ve done for love?

MDF: I feel like I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff that only love can make you do. Off the top of my hat I dressed up as a limo driver, hat and sign and all to pick-up my then girlfriend from the airport. Repeatedly.

YHM: What is the biggest love lesson you’ve learned?

MDF: It’s all about communication. Whether you have a crush, are in a relationship and having issues, or want to explore new things — in the end you just gotta open your mouth and speak your mind, because as much as we think they can, others actually cannot read our minds. Leave out the ambiguity, go for what you want and speak up, that way you can work it out, whatever it may be.

YHM: What’s the coolest thing a woman has done for you in a relationship?

MDF: I got to fly a plane as my girlfriend’s birthday present to me. I’m ridiculously in love with anything with a motor and it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten.

YHM: What makes your style unique?

MDF: My style is very versatile. I think a lot of guys stick to one style and its part of them and that’s wonderful, but I never found that one style that would do it for me, so I keep switching back and forth between classy suits and grungy jeans and sneaker looks. I think that’s why it appeals to so many people too, because there’s something in it for everybody!

YHM: What is your go-to fashion accessory?

MDF: You know, it really changes. In the summer there’s a lot of bracelets happening, pocket squares were a thing for a while, sometimes it’s shades, and I don’t think I have a solid go-to. I would always have watches on, but the Apple Watch threw me out of that rhythm too, unwillingly.

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