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Four Seasons, One Fashion World with Aziza Brown

Four Seasons, One Fashion World with Aziza Brown

  • Written by Jannel Therese Varona

Different realms of fashion inspire different kinds of people. For Humber College student Aziza Brown, her inspiration comes from a diverse world of fashion in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

“Living in Toronto, all fashion and all styles are around me, especially on Queen Street, downtown Toronto. I see punk rockers’ style in their all black gothic wardrobe, the hipsters with their plaid and vans shoes, the Harajuku barbies, the experimenters with their mix-and-match colors, the trend followers, and everyone else you can think of,” Brown mentioned. “But in the midst of all these styles, I feel right at home.”

According to Brown, the fashionable and the unique are only expressing their character through their wardrobe, and style, and so is she. Therefore, all styles must be respected, no matter how bizarre they may be.

This twenty-year-old speaks further to YHM about her other fashion inspirations.

Young Hot & Modern: What styles attract and inspire you the most?

Aziza Brown: The styles that attract and inspire me the most are the “all black” fashion, hipsters/retro style and the 80s/90s are my biggest inspirations. I try to fuse all three when styling my wardrobe or outfits. I also design and hand make some of the clothing I wear, mostly alterations but nevertheless, I make it how I want it!

YHM: How does the transition from summer to fall affect your wardrobe?

I love transitioning from summer to fall! I get to add more layers, a nice jacket to compliment my outfit, nice closed shoes to add “umph” to my strut!

AB: I can style and accessorize better in fall and winter! While summer allows me to wear a nice striped, lightly transparent button-up shirt and some high-waist vintage shorts, in cooler temperatures, I can wear the same thing with perhaps thick and long thigh studded socks and waist-length black jacket with some black combat boots! Same outfit accessorized to fit temperature changes!

YHM: Is there a particular moment in your life where the fashion industry interested you the most? When was that moment? Tell us about it.

AB: My whole life I have been interested in the fashion, model, and talent industry. Growing up watching shows like America’s Next Top Model, the TLC channel and reading Teen magazines, many of my outfits were inspired by those I would see in the media.

I was never a trend follower, I always kept up so that I can innovate and add my personality to every outfit!

Coming to my adulthood, I pursued one of my passions and lifelong interests of being a model. I think that age was significant for me pursuing this passion because I was then seeing more ethnic faces and petite models in the industry! I started doing photo shoots to build a modeling portfolio at 18 years old, my second year of college. I did my research and found Model Mayhem, where I can find local artists who are also looking to update their portfolios! I made great connections, networked, and found my niche in the industry!

The ideal outfit that would give Brown the most life and positive energy throughout the day is a nice pair of high-waisted pants or shorts, black leather combat boots, a nice t-shirt with some black leather around the trim and some African print, all gold accessories, and a nice leather or jean jacket tied around her waist!

According to Brown, this outfit gives her the most comfort, energy, and defines so much of her personality! For those of you that also want positivity throughout your day, think of an outfit that defines your personality and gives you the most comfort and energy.

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