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The Creator Muse

The Creator Muse

  • Written by Gabby Pressley

For the past two years, the ambitious and exotic Armina Muse has been waist deep in her self-inspired creative fashion line, Yanghi. The fashion line is but a toddler, however her refreshingly unadulterated and irresistibly raw ability keeps her far from amateur status. Driven by passion and discipline, Muse has been on a constant grind to assure the steady evolution of her brand and her pure self. With two years under her belt, Muse has fearlessly made a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Each one of her unforgettable pieces from Yanghi is deeply pigmented with cultural aesthetics and carefully crafted to execute its artistic purpose in the collection. In an interview, YHM dug deep to find out exactly who Muse is and what Yanghi was all about. It was to no surprise to discover how striking the both of them were.

Young Hot & Modern: Who is Armina Muse?

Armina Muse: I am a 21-year-old Muslim, Muse, and Creator.

YHM: What is Yanghi?

AM: Yanghi is a brand that effortlessly combines mediums of art and design with vintage reconstruction and handcrafted pieces.

YHM: What is the meaning behind the name of your brand?

AM: Yanghi (Yangh-hi) means superior one. I use the term Yanghi to classify my work. This allows me to put those words into flight far beyond compare.

YHM: What purpose do you think that your brand serves in the fashion industry?

AM: Yanghi serves a purpose in the fashion industry because it is organic and ethical fashion.

YHM: What are some themes that you intended for your brand to have?

AM: I’m not quite sure; I guess any indented “theme” would be derived from inspiration. I get most of my inspiration from my love of culture.

YHM: What is the meaning behind the names of your pieces?

AM: I name my garments after Arabic names, words, and surahs (chapters from the Quran). Each of these Arabic names has a firm meaning that embodies my work keenly.

YHM: When did you decide that you wanted to be a designer? 

AM: I’ve been embedded into art all my life. Creating has always been a natural form for me to grasp. At the age of 17 I did a lot of experimenting with my skill. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that I gained the right confidence to pursue Yanghi full time and launch my online store.

YHM: When did you start your brand?

AM: Yanghi was founded in 2010.

YHM: Tell us about your journey of blossoming in the fashion industry.

AM: My conquest has been a long two years. I’ve had regal moments and some standstill moments in the fashion industry. My art has giving me the venture to work with amazing artist, have plenty features likes these, and gained a pretty healthy following. I am most challenged with staying consistent. It’s very hard when you’re alone; much more so than when you are your team. Some how I operate. It’s hard, but it’s all passion and love. “Superior one.”  I must stand parallel to the meaning of Yanghi and keep evolving from here.

YHM: What do you think sets you apart from other designers?

AM: I manifest rawness, organic, and ethical designs. I want that to be known. With every creation I try to reach my highest potential of innovation. I hibernate and set hours on in sewing my own garments. I’m not sure if this sets me apart from others, but my design process is an abstract one. I do a great job with inspiring myself and creating my own zone. I try to deliver the same way.

YHM: What type of consumer did you intend on your brand catering to? Was this the audience that reacted the best to Yanghi?

AM: I would say a very stylish Muse indeed. I don’t specify or give limits to my consumer.

YHM: Name a few designers, friends, loved ones, events, etc. that have influenced you as a designer and your brand.

AM: Mila & Fire Vintage, Nyne Lyves, Cherie Camacho, and Theophilus London. All artist and supporters of Yanghi. Huge thanks to all.

YHM: What advice would you give to up and coming designers, stylists, photographers, and bloggers?

AM: Make your own discoveries. Put reason to your flight far beyond compare.

YHM: What new things can we expect from Yanghi in 2012?

AM: Inshallah, in 2012 you all can expect new innovations, collaborations, and Yanghi Abroad.

Due to the fact that she stays true to herself and her craft, the sky is the limit with Armina Muse. Not only does she personify creativity, but this young woman is the ultimate go-getter. Muse’s attitude and drive is inspiring; and more importantly, they are comparable to the attitudes of some of the women dominating the fashion industry today.

If you act like a pro and think like a veteran, you will find yourself in their shoes one day. The empowerment that comes from a woman knocking down barriers and hurdling obstacles to pursue her destiny is like none other. Muse is the perfect example of a strong, beautiful, and hardworking woman who demands success; and that’s exactly what she will achieve if she continues on her path.

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