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Lisa Says Gah: the E-Commerce Brand Focused On Community and Ethical Fashion

Lisa Says Gah: the E-Commerce Brand Focused On Community and Ethical Fashion

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An Instagram sensation, Lisa Says Gah has given a new life to sustainable, ethically-made fashion. The e-commerce site markets eccentric, high-quality pieces, which are carefully curated to be your newest statement makers. The cult-followed brand exclusively features independent female designers and makes it a no brainer to ditch fast fashion purchases.

Lisa Bühler, the founder of the e-commerce site, is based in San Franciso and named the company after a blog she launched in 2009. Last year she told Coveteur that the name is based on the feeling she has—and wants everyone viewing her site to have—when shopping. That feeling of “I can’t live without it.”

As a platform for ethical and independent designers, Lisa Says Gah makes conscious shopping easy. Bühler is a former Nasty Gal buyer and has an impressive eye for design with an equal tenacity for highlighting designers and fostering an authentic community.

In addition to their bold, on-trend pieces, Lisa Says Gah serves as a space for inspiration and discovery of positive, change-making voices. Their blog series “Muse Monday” showcases mini-interviews, photo diaries, and styling with individuals in the creative industry making their mark in one way or another.

“In an increasingly oversaturated market, our goal is to provide a stimulating and refined environment for you, the intelligent consumer, to shop, learn and, most importantly, find inspiration.” –

If you’re an avid follower of fashion trends on social media, you’ve likely come across some of Lisa Says Gah’s pieces, like the cow print statement jeans, or the Paloma Wool yin and yang mules. Their page is as much fashion inspo as it is a place to shop. When I first stumbled on it, I decided to follow them because of the bold outfits and styling without realizing they were also a retailer.

Lisa Says Gah has gained a significant foothold in the social media world, which is a quintessential method for building awareness and a community for ethical fashion and creative voices.

Whether you’re a conscious shopper looking for your next statement piece or just wanting some style inspiration, Lisa Says Gah could be the place for you. Check out their Instagram @lisasaysgah and their website, then see for yourself what will have you saying “Gah!”


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