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Stay Focused and Survive the Cold

Stay Focused and Survive the Cold

  • Written by Mary Hinnant

It’s that time of year again. Sure, you get to finally wear your cute sweaters, scarves and boots again, but the changing weather also brings something else to worry about: getting sick. But don’t worry! Here are some tips to help you beat the cold this season:

1. Prepare your immune system. Before you feel that cold coming on, support your immune system by taking all natural vitamins and supplements. Getting plenty of Vitamin C is important. Adding the supplement Emergen-C to your water is an easy and yummy way to ensure you’re getting your daily dose of Vitamin C and other important vitamins. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or antioxidant-rich green tea. Also make sure you’re combating germs by washing your hands periodically or keeping a small container of hand sanitizer in your purse or backpack.

2. Minimize stress. Stress can have a negative effect on you, mentally and physically. Stress can cause fatigue or lack of sleep, which makes it even harder for your body to protect itself from getting sick. Exercise can be a great stress reliever and has many other benefits. Make sure you’re also getting enough sleep and maintaining a regular sleep schedule. If you find yourself stressed because of school or work, start setting aside some quiet “me” time every day. Use this time to write, read, draw or any other quiet activity to give you a brief escape from your hectic schedule.

3. Whip up some homemade remedies. Instead of going to the drug store, try making your own cold remedies at home! This is a lot easier than it may sound, and you may be surprised about all the common ingredients you have at home that can be used to ease your cold. There are a lot of simple recipes online for homemade teas, soups and syrups to help you feel better, like this recipe for homemade cough syrup using apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and honey. Or this simple and delicious homemade flu remedy. Find a simple recipe and raid your kitchen!

4. Steam it out. Give yourself a DIY steam facial by leaning over a bowl of hot water and putting a towel over your head. The steam is great for congestion and respiratory issues, plus it makes your skin really soft. Adding essential oils like peppermint, lavender and chamomile to the hot water can help clear your sinuses and make your steam facial extra relaxing. Steam is an easy, relaxing way to treat your cold at home. Use this simple how-to to get started!

We hope these tips will help you beat the cold this season. Remember to drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep and vitamins, and enjoy those cute boots and scarves!

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