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Audrey Musgrave; Knowing the Real You

Audrey Musgrave; Knowing the Real You

  • Interviewed & Written By Amber Robinson

Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Audrey Musgrave may be an estimated of 1,931 miles from New York City, a city where modeling thrives, but that does not stop her from doing what she loves most.

Audrey Musgrave has it all. The looks, the body, and the personality. Yet, she is constantly told that she simply won’t make it because she is 5’4 with short legs. The common minimum height for modeling agencies in New York is 5’7, but height is only a small set back for Musgrave.

“I know that I have something to give the world of modeling. I know there is something special in me that no one else has. Those critics might not see it yet, but I know I have what it takes in my heart,” states Musgrave.

She is currently a full time student at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where she majors in marketing. Musgrave has already done a shoot for a jewelry ad and won a contest to be in a swimsuit calendar. It was a dream come true for her when she received the opportunity to do the jewelry ad.

In ten years, she hopes to own a fashion or design company in order to design interesting items that normally would not be available to people. “The elegance of a model and the success of a business woman is how I want to live my life,” Musgrave mentions.

She has always admired strong women who were also beautiful and successful. That must be why her role model is the lovely Beyoncé Knowles. “I love that she is growing to be a music icon. I find that inspiring about her.”

What separates Musgrave from the rest is not only for her hope to break into the industry, but to donate money to those in need. She has donated numerous times to the Heifer International charity; whose mission is to end hunger and poverty in the world. “I personally believe that it is important to share your wealth,” states Musgrave.

Her advice to other YHM girls who are aspiring to reach their dreams is to “listen to yourself and what you feel because no one knows your abilities better than yourself.”

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