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Founder of Rae’s Roots on Self-care and Building a Wellness Tea Company

Founder of Rae’s Roots on Self-care and Building a Wellness Tea Company

Few mothers find time to themselves, and even fewer make themselves a priority. After the birth of her second child, Joanna Linton, founder of Rae’s Roots, fell into severe postpartum depression. Four trips to the hospital due to stress-related symptoms forced Linton to rediscover self-care and healing techniques from her childhood.

“The concept of self-care and wellness didn’t really sit with me until I experienced my own past postpartum after my second child,” Linton said. “I fell into a depressed emotional state, kept giving and giving and never giving anything to myself.”

Linton’s Chinese mother passed onto her the belief that a healthy mind begins with a healthy gut. She used counseling, support from loved ones, and a Chinese herb called adaptogens to recuperate. After battling her way out of her deep depression, Linton made it her mission to share the ancient Chinese medicine that helped her recover with moms across the globe.

“I slowly emerged as a new person, and therefore, as a new mom,” she said. “This was when the idea for Rae’s Roots was born. More than that, this was when the platform of putting myself first was brought forth, and it was something that I strongly believe needed to be shared.”

Rae’s Roots is Linton’s way of sharing her lessons from a dark time in her life with other mothers. The company sells a line of pregnancy and wellness teas for expecting, new and veteran mothers looking to care for their families by caring for themselves.

Linton’s lines of teas use adaptogens which have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. According to Linton, the herbs have healing powers and the ability to ease tension and stress by working within your body.

One in eight women experiences postpartum depression similar to Linton. Her teas offer healing properties to help soothe upset stomachs, calm nerves, aid in lactation and provide health benefits for expecting mothers. Along with their health benefits, Rae’s Roots gives mothers a simple action they can take to prioritize themselves.

“I think that once you become a victim of something, you try to turn around and do something about it,” she explained. “So this passion about mom’s wellness, a space that I didn’t think much of until I experienced it myself, really is what prompted that change.”

Instead of slowing down after her medical battles, Linton decided to start Rae’s Roots while raising two small children. She also made the difficult decision to leave a company she had previously founded with her husband for the new venture.

Linton states that Rae’s Roots has been defined as “too niche of a product” by several retailers. However, she believed her company provided a needed product for its demographic.

“You really can’t let the people who think that it’s not going to work sway you,” Linton said. “There are many people, specifically men, who don’t understand the purpose of having a wellness tea that mothers benefit from. They just don’t see it.”

Even without the understanding of many investors, Rae’s Roots has managed to help thousands of moms. Linton’s line of teas can be purchased at Macy’s as well as on the company site.

Linton’s goal is to expand her brand to include new items like coffee, snack bites, and granola bars with the same healing properties as her teas. She hopes to support women in all phases of their motherhood using healing techniques she was taught by her mother.

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