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The Best Gym Bags for Every Activity Right Now

The Best Gym Bags for Every Activity Right Now

The Best Gym Bags for Every Activity Right Now

When it comes to hitting the gym or any fitness activity, having the right gym bag can make all the difference. Different activities call for specific gear, and having a well-organized gym bag tailored to your needs can enhance your workout experience. No matter your fitness vibe – from CrossFit to yoga – there’s an ideal gym bag to suit your needs.


A yoga-specific gym bag is a game-changer. With compartments for your mat, water bottle, and accessories, it offers convenience and a relaxed design to match your zen-like practice.

Athleta Flow Freely Yoga Bag

Aruna Aamina Yoga Tote


CrossFit enthusiasts, on the other hand, require a sturdy and durable bag to withstand rigorous workouts. Look for a bag with reinforced straps, and multiple compartments for storing different workout gear like weightlifting gloves, resistance bands, and jump ropes. Some bags even have a space to carry shoes, so you can easily transition from one exercise to another.

YETI Crossroads® 27L Backpack

2POOD Performance Backpack 2.0


Tennis players need a gym bag that can accommodate their racquet, balls, and tennis attire. Opt for a bag with specialized pockets for racquet storage to protect it from scratches and damage. Look for additional compartments to keep your tennis shoes, towel, water bottle, and personal items organized while you hit the court.

Athleta Courtside Bag

Björn Borg Ace Racquet Tote


Swimmers need a gym bag that can keep their wet gear separate from their dry items. A water-resistant or waterproof bag with ventilated compartments for wet swimsuits and towels is ideal. Some swim-specific gym bags even come with a designated pocket for swim goggles and caps, ensuring your gear stays organized and dry.

Gymshark Sleek Backpack

lululemon Go Getter Bag 2.0 25L


For runners, a lightweight and compact gym bag is key. Many running gym bags have an expandable shoe compartment to keep your running shoes separate from your clothes and other belongings. Some designs also have an insulated pocket for keeping post-run snacks or a cold drink.

Under Armour Unisex UA Undeniable 5.0 XXS Duffle

Gymshark Small Everyday Gym Bag


Dancers need specialized bags with compartments for shoes and dance gear. Find one spacious yet comfortable to carry, keeping delicate items like ballet shoes protected and organized.

Nike One Club Women’s Training Duffel Bag

CALPAK Stevyn Duffel


For those who love cardio workouts, a versatile gym bag with plenty of compartments can cater to all your needs. Look for a bag with multiple pockets to store your workout clothes, towels, water bottles, and gadgets. Some bags also feature a separate compartment for gym shoes to keep the rest of your items clean and odor-free.

Björn Borg Borg Street Sports Bag

Victoria’s Secret PINK Everyday Duffle Bag

Focus on your fitness goals worry-free with a tailored gym bag. The right gym bag keeps gear organized, gym visits convenient and enjoyable. Assess your fitness needs and elevate your workout experience to the next level.

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