In Charge Of Your Own Time

For some people, summer is a time filled with hot days on the beach, ice cold drinks, and late night swims. For others, summer is occupied with filing papers, fetching coffee, and pitching ideas. As we grow older there is a balance that needs to be found between work and play. In coming Senior, Claudia Surdi, knows all about the all-important concept of time management, so YHM asks her to tell her thoughts on the subject.

Claudia Surdi
Claudia Surdi – Courtesy Photo

When summer comes, all you really want to do is throw on a bathing suit and lay out in the sun like many summers before. However, becoming an adult changes that. I have learned that this is the time where we need to get our priorities straight.

During the day we get used to being inside an office setting and doing “grown up” things because we know that in the long run it will improve our futures. When the nights come, this is when we get to let loose and do all the things that we love to do in the summer.

I have a great deal of satisfaction from this summer because I got to experience many new things and gain extensive knowledge in my field while still being able to spend time with my friends and enjoy my summer.

By J’nel Billups

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