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An Insider’s Guide to 5 Breathtaking Manhattan Destinations

An Insider’s Guide to 5 Breathtaking Manhattan Destinations

  • Written By Tatiana Gallardo

New York City, you are too good. You are endlessly beautiful, grand, and dare I say it, holy. I bow down to your immense, towering buildings. I walk your sacrosanct streets with a smile as I breathe in the passing halal cart, as I make eye contact with a fashionista parading down the street. I smile because you are too, too good.

Having lived here for over eight months, I have done some serious Manhattan venturing. If I were to think back to all my adventures and pinpoint the moments and excursions that left me most astounded and awed, then these five destinations below would be at the top of the list. If you find yourself on this glorious island, these should be your go-to’s.

#1. The Oculus
This is something you need to see in person. The Oculus structure at the World Trade Center has taken a standard transportation hub to another level. This is a first-class architecture masterpiece. As you walk through the Oculus, you are engulfed by immense whiteness. It’s magnificent.  As you walk around, awestruck by the brilliant construction, you can stop at any of the endless shops and food spots.

#2. Central Park
It goes without saying that Central Park is beautiful. Spend a day here. Get lost within its seemingly never-ending paths. You can rent a paddleboat, picnic in Sheep Meadow, or stop by the zoo. Watch the clouds or watch a game of community volleyball. Central Park is breathtaking in the way it brings everyone, from all different backgrounds, together in its incredible green space.

#3. The Brooklyn Bridge
Get ready to brave masses of tourists, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. Start in downtown New York and cross over the bridge. The journey will be beautiful. The intricate cables hanging above you make for the perfect photo shoot. Grab a friend and make it to the other end, where you can watch as the Manhattan skyline glows as you venture throughout the quaint, picturesque Brooklyn hotspot, Dumbo.

#4. The Whitney Museum
The Whitney Museum is a piece of art in itself. Its asymmetrical design stands out from the industrial buildings of the surrounding Meatpacking District. This multi-floor, expansive art center features incredible exhibits and outdoor spaces that overlook the High Line. Make it a day trip and walk the High Line after your enriching art adventure.

#5. Chinatown
Come hungry. Walking through Chinatown is like stepping into another country without even leaving the borough of Manhattan. You’re teleported to a foreign land filled with street vendors, amazing food, and cool people. Dine your way through the tiny streets while making quick pit stops to shop the markets or the tiny trinket stores.

New York City will never stop taking my breath away. I wish every person can experience this feeling of constant amazement and inspiration. Add these five must-sees to your list and be truly dazzled by Manhattan.

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