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It’s Okay to Hoard: Here are 5 Ways to Stylishly Reorganize Your Life

It’s Okay to Hoard: Here are 5 Ways to Stylishly Reorganize Your Life

  • Written by Jackie Delaney

We have all been there: one day our closet is color-coordinated, super organized, and easy to navigate – but the moment we need to find an outfit, our tidy system is completely ruined. So it’s no surprise most of us can admit to hoarding something. Floppy hats, decorative rings, comfy flannels, or even twenty different shades of red lipsticks. While it’s important to know when it’s time to gear back your shopping, keeping your closet and bedroom organized can help curb your hoarding habits. Elevate to a stylish and cozy living space with these five tips for a more organized lifestyle.

#1. Hanging shelves are your closet’s best friend!

From giving you extra shelf space for sweaters to adding bonus shoe storage, they’ll help you maximize what can feel like a small storage space. This hanging organizer from Urban Outfitters allows you to see what’s on each shelf which makes it easier to pick an outfit each day. The matching shoe rack will help keep your shoe collection under control and save you space at the bottom of your closet.

#2. Make use of every space.

Under-the-bed storage units like these soft storage bins from Pottery Barn or these cute polka-dots cubes will give you more room to store clothing items. Plus, they keep that typically messy space under your bed tidy and clutter-free.

#3. Rotate seasonal clothes.

Similar to tip #2, storage boxes allow you to pack away seasonal clothing items that take up room in your closet. Store chunky sweaters you save for icy winter days or pack away your denim shorts until next summer in these transparent and metallic-lined bins or these drop-front cube holders. This system will keep your closet stocked with only the clothes you absolutely wear this season.

#4. Over-the-door hangers are perfect for accessories and more.

This one provides storage for your bags, belts, hats, and scarves! These items can take up valuable space inside your closet or around the room. Instead, drape them over a rack on your closet or bedroom door. Looking for varying colors? Go for these minimalistic hangers from Kohl’s. This system will save you time when you’re looking for a specific purse or belt, too.

#5. Find jewelry organizers that fit your style.

There are so many ways to keep your necklaces and bracelets untangled and pristine. Skip the typical jewelry stand and go for a charming display like this elephant dish from Anthropologie. Personalize your space and keep your earrings and rings organized. These ceramic boat dishes from West Elm will keep your necklaces from getting twisted into knots. If you’re looking to save space on your dresser or desk, a wall-mounted jewelry hanger like this one from Pottery Barn can provide an easy fix. Plus, the minimal design adds a sculptural style to your wall.

Bonus Tip!

If you’ve had trouble deciding on which clothing items to keep and which to pass on when cleaning out your closet, try this trick. Place all your hangers backward on the rack. Once you wear an item on the hanger, flip it! You can use this experiment for as long as you like – six months, a year, or longer. You’ll know for sure which clothes you wear often and which ones you always skim over. This system will make it easier to know when it’s time to donate or pass on items to their next owner. With the right storage, you can keep your hoarding under control while making your room stylish and personal.

Do you have more suggestions for keeping your living space organized? Tell us in the comments below!

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