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5 Awesome Alternatives To Gift Wrapping Paper That Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Awesome Alternatives To Gift Wrapping Paper That Will Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever been frustrated about gift wrapping? I have. Sitting on my living room floor, I twisted, pulled, cut, taped, and folded paper just to perfectly present a gift for a Secret Santa party. Unsuccessful, I searched online for gift wrapping alternatives to get me through the season.

They say people care more about what’s inside of a present rather than the packaging, but who can deny the fact that everyone loves the idea of a perfectly wrapped gift for the holidays?

Now, if you are an expert gift wrapper, you can go ahead and stop reading and share this article with your friends who aren’t the best packagers. But for my people who need some extra assistance in the packaging department, here are five tips for presenting the perfect gift.

Option 1: Use a Decorative Bag

One of the easiest—and still thoughtful—ways to showcase your gift is with a gorgeous bag. Shop Papyrus online, and you’ll find bags with sparkles, pop-ups, and even bags that play music. Place the gift inside, and stuff with accented tissue paper to top off the presentation.

Option 2: A Pre-Made Decorative Box

Boxes are the quickest alternative to wrapping paper. Take a trip to Home Goods, Marshalls, or a Hallmark store, and you’ll find boxes of all shapes and sizes that will fit any item in need of packaging. Lately, this has been my personal favorite because of the wide range of designs. Also, most of them are made from recycled material, which is great for the environment.

Option 3: Try the Candy Wrapping Method:

This fairly new trend is a super-easy way to wrap both regular and abnormally shaped gifts. As demonstrated in this video, you can use tissue paper, cellophane wrap, tape, and ribbon to easily wrap anything. Also, your gift is sure to stand out since not many people wrap gifts this way.

Option 4: Have Someone Else Wrap It

The absolute easiest option for those of you who don’t know how to wrap gifts is to have someone else do it. Most retail stores offer gift wrapping for an extra charge. Barnes & Noble, Bloomingdale’s, JCPenney, Kate Spade, and more offer gift wrapping. Here are 36 stores that will wrap your gifts if you’re looking for a professional touch.

Option 5: Use a Basket

Another simple option is to put the item in a basket and then, for added decor, wrap the entire basket in a colorful cellophane paper. This is sure to make for a grand presentation and, as a bonus, the recipient can keep the basket.

Whether you wrap the gift traditionally or use one of these more unconventional methods, remember that the holiday season is about more than just presents and pretty paper. It’s a time to show your appreciation for loved ones and friends and create memories to last a lifetime.

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