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The Top 10 Virtual Social Ideas to Lighten Up Your Holiday

The Top 10 Virtual Social Ideas to Lighten Up Your Holiday

Even though we are working our way back to the “new normal,” the holidays can seem lonely or overwhelming. Some are hesitant to attend holiday parties or even stay too long at the office. Others are still working remotely. Some families may differ in their stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

During these times, we have found countless ways throughout the months to stay connected and stay together no matter what you feel most comfortable with. If it is not safe for you or your loved ones to travel, here is a list of virtual holiday ideas that will liven up your winter months!

1. Virtual Secret Santa 
One of the most common traditions for any holiday party is Secret Santa. Whether you call it by another name or follow your own guidelines, this game can keep everyone on their toes. Set up a limit, pick your secret person, and mail them a gift by a specific deadline. By the time your virtual party comes around, you can all unwrap your gifts and enjoy your surprises.

2. Paint and Sip 
This idea is for those 21+, or you can go without the booze and make it a craft night. Gather your loved ones and sit down and create a holiday themed craft. Whether it’s a painting, wreath, tree ornament, or anything that you can think of. Enjoy good conversation and a relaxing way to destress through creativity.

3. Cocktail Hour
This idea will be another one for the 21 and over age group. Gather around your computers and sip your favorite cocktails. Drinking responsibly from your home, you can exchange recipes and talk about your favorite drinks.

4. Tune in and Watch a Movie
Many streaming services have the option of creating watch parties. Watch parties allow you to share a link and simultaneously watch a T.V. show or movie together. This is a good idea for people who enjoy holiday movies or binge-watching T.V. shows with their friends. Even if you do not have a streaming service, all of you can watch a new movie, and chat about your favorite scenes after.

5. Cookie Decorating Party 
This one can be a little messy, but no less fun than the others. Pick up some store-bought cookies or bake something original. You can even make it a game and have a judge decide who made the best designs. You can have fun decorating the cookies and then eating them after too. This is an activity that can be fun for those with small children!

6. Virtual Trivia Night 
If you’re more of a competitive person, there is no better way than enjoying your time with others than making it a competition. Create a themed trivia or quiz night where you can test your friends and family on their knowledge of random facts. Build your game on websites like JeopardyLabs and Kahoot! Participants can use their smartphones to interact. Need a buzzer? We’ve found a great one here.

7. Entertainment Night
Entertainers are looking for bookings. From musicians to magicians lighten up your party with some entertainment for your loved ones. This could range from entertaining children to adults. Ask around for everyone’s preference and book an entertainer.

8. Share One Holiday Tradition.
This idea can be a good conversation starter if you’re at a virtual holiday party with your friends or coworkers. Ask every person to go around and name one family tradition that they do during the holiday season. It’s a good way to learn about one another and reminisce on the good times you shared with loved ones.

9. Costume Party for You (and maybe even your pet)
Pick out a theme and log on in your best costume! If you are a group that loves pets, ask your group to dress up their furry friends in a festive costume or headgear. Each person can go around and show off their pet’s style and tell everyone a little bit about their pet and how they created their own costume.

10. Holiday Dinner Party
Having a dinner party virtually will not be the same as in person, but being able to sit down and talk with loved ones over a meal is one of the top ways to celebrate the holidays from home.

No matter how social you are feeling this season, know that you are not alone. It was hard going into quarantine, and it can be just as difficult and scary to begin to participate in “real-life” social situations again. And you don’t have to. You can go at your own pace.

We at Young Hot & Modern hope these ideas make your holiday transition into hybrid events more palatable and that you can have fun, too!

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