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A Friendsgiving Guide That’s Easy as Pie

A Friendsgiving Guide That’s Easy as Pie

As the leaves begin to change, and a hint of Jack Frost fills the air, it’s a sure sign that the holiday season is fast approaching. This time of year is marked by cold weather activities, the arrival of family, and stressed-out young adults eager to help with hosting, only to be told to bring napkins—because that’s all we can usually handle.

Thanksgiving, arguably one of the best holidays in the seasonal lineup, revolves around a glorious spread of food, from delectable buttery crispy bread rolls to that last slice of pumpkin or apple pie. In all honesty, the Thanksgiving sandwiches the next day might just be the highlight of the whole day’s festivities.

Adding a lighthearted twist to this day is the concept of Friendsgiving. While Friendsgiving typically occurs a few days before or after Thanksgiving, there are no hard and fast rules. This day is perfect for everyone, but especially for young adults who want to blend the joy of brunching with friends and savor the scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. If you’re looking to host the best Friendsgiving, follow this step-by-step guide for success.

Step One: Sending out Invitations

Your first task in hosting the ultimate Friendsgiving, ensuring both your sanity and your guests, is to send out invitations. You can choose to use quirky holiday cards from a store or create a mass text chain. Ideally, send out the invitations within a two to three-week window of your expected dinner. This gives everyone ample time to coordinate and confirm attendance.

Step Two: Assigning Roles

The second step in the Friendsgiving process is assigning roles. One of the best aspects of Friendsgiving is that everyone chips in. Assign tasks such as bringing dessert, drinks, appetizers, and even the turkey. Once you’ve finalized the guest list, it’s time to decide who brings what. This step ensures your kitchen doesn’t turn into chaos, and everyone feels they’ve contributed something special to the table.

Step Three: Crafting a Cooking Timeline

While it may be a minor step, it’s essential. With the date and location secured, and roles assigned, it’s time to create your cooking timeline. Knowing how long each dish will take to prepare or cook is crucial. This way, you’ll have sufficient time to set up the space and ensure everything comes together seamlessly. Simplify your preparations by opting for delicious ready-made bites or sips, and adding your personal touch, just like these charming pumpkin pie bites.

Step Four: Choosing a Theme

Step four is all about the fun! Friendsgiving is about enjoying time with friends. It’s a dinner party, and what’s more fun than a themed dinner party? Consider whether you want a traditional setting with tablecloths, matching plates, and silverware, or if you’d prefer a quirky theme like a Barbie Pink extravaganza. Alternatively, go for a simpler setup with paper plates and stickers for easy cleanup. Selecting a theme sets the mood and allows your guests to dress appropriately for the occasion, turning your Friendsgiving into a memorable event.

Step Five: Streamlining Cleanup

Step five may seem mundane, but it’s essential for making cleanup a breeze. Create a cleanup chart by listing all your guests’ names and assigning specific tasks. Tasks may include clearing the table, washing dishes, packing leftovers, and taking out the trash. This ensures that the post-dinner cleanup is swift and efficient, allowing the festivities to continue without interruption.

The most important aspect of hosting a Friendsgiving is having fun and creating lasting memories. Use this step-by-step guide to make your Friendsgiving memorable and, potentially, a cherished tradition. A delightful addition to your celebration could be a selection of movies for a fun movie night after indulging in delicious food all day long.

Happy Holidays!

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