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The Upcycled Clothing Brands You Need to Shop Now

The Upcycled Clothing Brands You Need to Shop Now

Solitaire Townsend, an entrepreneur and sustainability author, once said, “Wear clothes that matter.” The fashion industry is known to be one of the largest polluters globally. Thankfully, several sustainable clothing brands integrate innovative solutions at growing numbers. They utilize plant fibers or rework vintage garments so consumers can wear clothes that matter.

One of the best ways to be more sustainable is to shop secondhand. However, filtering through the plethora of vintage clothing to find modern silhouettes and trendy styles, such as darling baby-doll dresses and chic shoulder bags, is time-consuming. We’ve compiled the leading sustainable clothing brands that are upcycling vintage clothing to provide you with exclusively-designed, fashionable, and high-quality pieces. You matter and so should the clothes you wear.

Price range: $9 – $54
Size range: XS-XXL
Best feature: Large product range

Discover the most unique clothing with Beyond Retro’s reworked vintage label. Vintage fabrics get a fresh upgrade with modern silhouettes and details. There is something for everyone, whether you’re into ’90s cropped tops or soft-ribbed sweatshirts from premium brands.

Price range: $20 – $100
Size range: XS-XL
Best feature: Trendy styles

Let style and sustainability shine in your wardrobe by shopping Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal collection. Urban Outfitters up-cycles vintage pieces by hand to serve you one-of-a-kind relaxed tie-dye sweatshirts, darling baby doll dresses, and classic Levi’s denim shorts.

Price range: $175-$495
Size range: 23-31
Best feature: Classic denim

RE/Done reconstructs vintage Levi’s into the highest quality jeans to end all jeans. The search for your quintessential pair of classic, high-waisted denim with the most tailored fit just got really easy. The denim industry is notorious for its immense water consumption. Contribute to less water waste by shopping at RE/Done.

Price range: $45-$150
Size range: XXS-3XL
Best feature: Tie-dye print

Add groovy tie-dye print to your sustainable shopping checklist this season. The Vintage Twin has all the tie-dye clothing one could ever wish for, from sky blue Nike hoodies to cozy Champion sweatpants. Consider the sister-run company professionals in this year’s trendiest print.

Price range: $46-$185
Size range: XS-XL
Best feature: Streetwear

Re-imagine sporty streetwear with Frankie Collective’s reworked garments. The brand transforms vintage clothing from iconic brands like Reebok and Carhartt into chic, mini-chain bags and minimalistic yet sophisticated apparel. Do the earth a favor by shopping Frankie Collective’s edgy designs.

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