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theStyleWright: The Perfect Fall Transitional Outfit

theStyleWright: The Perfect Fall Transitional Outfit

  • Written by Kasey Ma

Summer to fall style is going to be pretty effortless with our blogger collaboration line-up this month. First up is Kasey Ma of theStyleWright. You might remember her from our Thanksgiving features last year. Ma is a blogger newbee, but no stranger to the world of fashion.

So, how do you make your summer hues transition into your fall wardrobe and shoes? Let me start you off with the month of September – the sun’s still bright and warm, but there is the occasional draft in the air to waft the heat.

I, for one, like to incorporate the light colors of the summer, like this light-blue cotton cut-out shirt, and pair it with hints of black and olive green as seen in my heels. The button-down has a light feel to it – it has a very classy look from the front and a sexy look on the sides with the double-layered cutouts.

Next, we go down to the satin black shorts that are simple, comfortable, and extremely affordable. To top it all off, the chunky heels have a single leather strap in the middle, enough to have my skin pop through. Those shoes are stating that they’re not ready to leave the summer, and they’re going to close the toes for now, and get ready to bundle up for the winter. Now, that’s what I call the perfect fall transitional outfit. What is yours?

Xoxo, Kasey Ma

Outfit: Top – DailyLook | Shoes – BCBGMaxazria | Shorts – Forever 21

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