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How to Layer Summer Pieces for Winter Fashion

How to Layer Summer Pieces for Winter Fashion

  • Written by Cara Kovacs

January is coming to an end but the winter chill is still lingering around. Cara Kovacs of The Stylephile helps us spice up our winter wardrobe by layering our favorite summer pieces.

“I was raised in Florida, so winter fashion is sort of an acquired skill for me. However, I love accessorizing and mixing styles, and winter is one of the best seasons to do this.

Layering is the key to playing with winter style. Warm weather accessories are so much more varied than in other times of the year. Scarves, gloves, and hats are just the beginning. I love playing with pairing sweaters with vests or button downs, and tights or chunky socks with booties and knee-highs.

This look is a perfect example of that. Most people think they have to pack their mini skirts away all season long, but where’s the fun in that? I wanted to challenge myself to stay toasty in a short skirt by adding warm sweaters, and my favorite vintage coat.

Then, my favorite part, of piling on accessories let me add touches of my signature style to the outfit. My style depends so much on my mood, but I love experimenting with trends and adding touches of edginess to classically feminine looks.

I am obsessed with prints, the brighter the print the more I love it. For a lot of people, winter fashion means giving up these fun colors, prints, and elements in favor of darker warmer knits.

However, I think the more life you can add to your winter wardrobe the easier it is to get through the cold months. Just because the thermostat dips doesn’t mean that you have to compromise great style!” – Cara Kovacs

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