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Breaking Trends In Men’s Fashion

Breaking Trends In Men’s Fashion

  • Written by Jannel Therese Verona

Individuality — How is this viewed in terms of fashion? For New Jersey City University graphic design student Christian Valintino Rodriguez, inspiration for individuality and style comes from breaking trends and creating looks that are unique and timeless.

In today’s society, hip-hop runs the fashion world.

According to Rodriguez, rocking brand-named products is the norm. As young men idolize artists in the music industry, they tend to follow these fashion standards. At this age in fashion when everybody is wearing the same styles, Rodriguez aspires to be different.

“In all honesty, I go to thrift shops, buy an old button-down from the 90s and wear it with pride even if I paid three dollars for it. People stare at me because I’m wearing something of good quality they can never wear,” Rodriguez said.

Undoubtedly, artists and celebrities continuously inspire young people worldwide, but inspirations vary. Watching artists such as Kanye West taught Rodriguez that it’s not about the kind of product you’re wearing, it’s about how you wear it.

In all honesty, Kanye West made a simple white t-shirt and ripped jeans look perfect. He gave me the confidence to wear everything I wear today.

“My ideal outfit would either be a plain or print button-down with jeans and a pair of Sperry or slip-ons with a matching hat,” Rodriguez mentions.

Consisting of his own original artwork and graphic designs, Rodriguez’s New Jersey-based clothing line he is co-owner of is called All Honesty. In terms of fashion, All Honesty hopes for customers to be true to what they wear and rock the products with pride. Rodriguez and his colleagues aspire to have their clothes in boutiques and someday play a big part in the fashion industry.

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