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Eyewear Designers Coco & Breezy Talk Sisterhood, Business and Fashion

Eyewear Designers Coco & Breezy Talk Sisterhood, Business and Fashion

Coco and Breezy takes a seat in New York City with YHM and gives us all access about who they really are. These young ladies are true fashionista role models. For those of you new to the trendsetters, their self-titled eyewear label Coco & Breezy, is no stranger to celebrities such as Ashanti, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Osbourne, and so many others. Taking on the NYC scene in 2009 the young women represent themselves by being their own boss and rocking their brand to the fullest.

YHM: Who are the real Coco and Breezy? What was it like growing up?

Coco: Coco and Breezy were very timid and shy. We were torn up inside because people did not understand our creativity.

YHM: What was it like creating your first designs?

Breezy: At first we created it to make no eye contact because we were so shy. I was at home and had glasses. I always embellished my things. One day I did them to my glasses. Once I realized it was good we went out and got better quality products.  The first ones were a hot-mess. Our Spring 2012 is going to be crazy.

YHM: You both decided to move to the big city to pursue your dreams. Were you nervous about making the big decision? Did you have a positive team and family?

Breezy: Our mom and dad have always supported us. Our parents did not lock us into society’s view of who we should be. They trusted us to move the city. There was never a time they put us down. They keep us driven whenever we have downtimes.

YHM: Did you both have an eye for fashion or did one lead the other? What are your individual fashion styles?

Coco: I had an eye for fashion before Breezy. I was wearing skirts and pigtails. Breezy was more sporty.

Breezy: Our fashion sense did not change it evolved. Everybody evolves as a person every few months.

YHM: What does fashion mean to you and how do you use it to make a change?

Coco: Fashion means expressing yourself.

Breezy: Fashion is our job. We use our story of what we went through and put it towards kids who go through what we did.

YHM: Can you tell us a little about your C&&B 4 Kids collection?

Coco: It shows kids how to be different. Express yourself as an artist. For the campaign there are two twin girls as rock stars who are representing us.

YHM: When did you realize that you made it in the fashion industry?

Coco: We never felt like we made it. There is no such thing as the top. You can’t make it. There are always new heights to reach.

YHM: We’re all about bringing girls together and promoting what’s unique about each one. Who would you say are some of your female role models?

Coco and Breezy: Each other.

YHM: You are both young entrepreneurs facing obstacles other people your age don’t. What keeps you motivated to work harder?

Breezy: Because of our age and image people don’t take us seriously. They think we are just fun rocker chicks. People have to do their research first and then they change their minds.

Coco: I was at a restaurant and a guy told me I should not get any more tattoos, because it’s not professional.  I have nothing to worry about because I am my own boss.

YHM: We believe fashion is a great outlet for people to express themselves. What are some timeless fashion trends you think will be making its way back into our closets?

Breezy: All black is timeless.

Coco: Wedge heels and red lipstick are timeless.

YHM: Where do you two see yourself in ten years and how do you keep challenging yourselves to create the latest fashion trends?

Breezy: Ten years. No, wait. Five years I see our brand expanding and becoming more of a house whole name. Doing apparels and inspiring others.

YHM: There are a lot of young girls out there who do not have an ordinary dream or goal. What would you like to say to them?

Breezy: Nothing is out of the ordinary. Dreams must be realistic. Be ready to sacrifice. To lose is to gain. We missed out on our childhood from working a lot.

Coco: We sold our car and lived with no windows in our apartment. You have to be open-minded to sacrifice. If you have passion even if you fail, you will keep going.

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