7or9’s High Heels Are Innovative, Versatile, and Remarkably Comfortable

A blend of functionality, technology, and style lives in the innovative designs of 7or9, a women-owned footwear label founded by Chinese designers Deng Juan and Wang Huan. The entrepreneurs’ love for heels and comfort, led to the innovative designs of a pair of heels that put the wearer’s wellbeing first without losing the chicness of the footwear.

Inspired by sneakers, Juan and Huan, implemented Air-touch Foam in each shoe to provide full coverage for all foot shapes. The foam material, alongside a breathable lining and 3D shock-absorbing pad core, reduces toe and heel rubs and gives women that extra comfort they need.

In conversation with the designers of 7or9, we learned about their journey to creating innovative, comfortable, and versatile footwear.

Young Hot & Modern: What is the meaning behind the brand’s name?

7or9: The name comes from two classic choices of heel height—7cm or 9cm. 7cm is for loving yourself more, and 9cm for loving the world more.

YHM: That’s awesome and very intimate to the product itself! Tell us more about what sparked the design concept for your footwear label.

7or9: Since 2016, we have been [intrigued] by the product pain points and the transformation of women wearing high heels for “pleasing people” to “pleasing oneself.” We asked ourselves, “why do high heels hurt, and why is there no pair of high heels that don’t hurt?” Creatively we applied the comfortable material of sneakers to high heels to bridge the market gap and design a pair of high heels for women to run around in.

YHM: What makes 7or9’s materials and production different from other footwear brands?

7or9: We focus on the research and development of comfort technology. We apply the technology of sneakers, underwear, and even medical beauty to the design and production of high heels. Every year, we release a new version of comfort. We make the classic models of heels to achieve the ultimate comfort, to find the balance of comfort and beauty. We use high-quality leather and materials to create modern classics that are built to last.

YHM: We love the versatility of 7or9’s footwear which boasts over 100 detachable accessories, including buckles, laces, back clips, and ankle chains. Have you tried every shoe accessory yourselves?

7or9: Yes, we are both heel addicts! We test every shoe and shoe accessory to confirm comfort and beauty.

YHM: As designers, who have created such an innovative meets on-trend footwear label, what is your message to up-and-coming designers?

7or9: Create aesthetically led and sincere products.